Monday, June 23, 2008

It's just one of those days...


I'm not a graceful person...far from it in fact. I generally consider myself adorably accident prone. It is in that mood that I tell you this next story...

About a week and a half ago, I was doing my normal running on the treadmill routine when in the quest of multitasking (involving a laptop, couch pillows, a dining room chair and a faulty mp3 player), I very ungracefully fell off the treadmill. No, it wasn't an America's Home Videos worthy shoot off the end of the treadmill at 6 miles per hour thing. Rather my left leg collapsed under me, I fell on my hip, then slowly travelled to the edge of the belt at 3.5mph where I fell off with a soft thud. So my knee felt kinda wonky for days after but oh well...I was feeling bloated and fat and eating like a pig because I was PMS-y and I was not about to let one teeny incident stop me from running. No big deal right?

So Wrong!

This morning I woke up and my knee was swollen and I couldn't put much weight on it nor could I straighten it out. I had overextended it. And I had a full 10 hour work day ahead of me. Great! :( Thankfully my coworkers were sympathetic and after letting them ooh and ahh and gag over the sight of my pink swollen knee, they let me just sit down on a chair for most of the day.

Finally the day was over and I was looking forward to going home, take a long hot shower, eat a couple Krispy Kreme donuts and ample prescription strength pain killers, fulfill my daily blood and gore and other bodily fluids needs with an episode of Dexter and an episode of Jon and Kate plus 8, maybe talk on the phone and pass out.

Wrong again!

My car wouldn't start, so I called my mom to come give me a jump...after she got there and lectured me on not letting my battery die...and as we both turned to leave...her car wouldn't start. So I shut off my engine and we called my dad over with the van to come rescue us. Once he got there, neither of the cars would start. So my mom and I waited inside our respective cars while he fiddled around with jumper cables and flashlights and lots of colorful filipino swear words. After taking turns revving our engines and attaching and detaching cables and more filipino swear words, I felt myself tear up at all the frustrations and ridiculousness of my day and I said "holy crap, please Lord...I just wanna go home!"

I kid you not, the beautiful sounds of engines starting filled the air as both the cars came to life! Divine intervention?? or God's pity on a poor little girl?? You decide.

Now I sit and type on fluffy...regaling you with the events of my day...As the sound of hot steamy water beckons me and the whirring of my Dexter DVD buzzes at me from my TV I leave you with this thought...Pain killers here I come!

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