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Ain't no rest for the wicked...

Why was it a really really bad idea to be a criminal in Queen Anne (Seattle) this Friday? There was a very large memorial and parade held for the slain police officer in Queen Anne's Key Arena early Friday afternoon. They closed down streets, blocked off roads. They estimated about 1500 people to show up including police officers from all over the country (and Canada). In case you can't see the above pictures, it was all blue and white and sirens for a 4 block stretch on one side of the street. And on the other was a 4 block stretch of "unmarked, undercover" Chevy Subarbans. There was even this one classic police car from the 50's that I wanted to snap a pic of, but seeing as I was driving at the time, taking pics with my cellphone, AND there was about 15 cops in dress black surrounding the aforementioned car, I felt it wise to refrain from any illegal activity.

In somewhat the same thread...I've really been digging this song from Caged Elephant. I think it brings out the badass in me!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Blast from the Past...

My mother had me help her reorganize all our photo albums a while back. She showed me this photo that I had forgotten about and whilst reminiscing upon good memories from Disneyland, I came upon one shocking realization.

No...not that Belle looks like she's been drugged or that the guy behind us has the unfortunate circumstance of picking that shirt to go to an amusement park in...

This was me at 14.

That's right... FOURTEEN. And before you say it UB, let me say it for you..."my poor poor dad, must be why he kept the shotgun loaded in the hall closet till I turned 21".

Not much has changed. I feel like calling up dead ancestors (and of course my mother) and thanking them for the good genes. Just goes to show what good Filipino food and lots and lots of milk can do. LOTS.

I'll be sure to send them the plastic surgery and chiropractic bills too...

I had a dream...

Sorry for the video quality guys...I'm trying out a new webcam and I tried to edit it using the included software and the quality was even worse. I'll keep messing with the settings and see if it's a viable way to record my vids from now on, otherwise I'll just go back to the good ole' digicam.

However, I was too lazy to rerecord this topic so bear with me? It's about a dream I had and was wondering if you awesome people could help me analyze it. Or you can watch it, realize how freaking psycho I must be to be having such random dreams and then promptly unfollow me...

Either way, watch the vid??


(Inspired by: Sawdust and Cowpies)