Saturday, January 31, 2009


Hope you all have a lovely, safe (but not too safe) and ginormously fun SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!!!

Rooting for the underdogs...GO CARDINALS!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

When friendship is the line...

I just had an ex...THE ex...LE HIM...ask me for advice concerning his new girlfriend. Odd right? Most people (and by people I mean girls...and some men too I suppose) would tell the ex in question to take a flying leap. At first I told him that I know we are civil and that we can usually discuss most topics but that I respectfully abstain from that particular conversation. Then he played up to my curiousity (just consider me the damn cat, SPLAT...dead!) and said something that was guaranteed to hook my interest so of course I told him to go ahead and tell me what his problems were. But being a girl I changed my mind a couple hours later and told him that I wasn't ready, not strong enough yet to hear about his little lady love.

Long story short thru a series of unasked questions and volunteered answers I did end up finding out what the issues were and unknowingly giving advice. That isn't my point however.

We had been close friends for years and years...then best friends...before we even decided to pursue a relationship with each other. Because of our history together, I fell for him. I mean I fell HARD. HARD! I thought that because he was my best friend, that I was safe and he would never never hurt me. Of course this story would suck if it ended happily ever after. Fortunately for you and this blog post it didn't. He broke my heart as only he could...because as the song goes "he's the only one who had enough of it to break my heart". It took me 3 months after certain...incidents...came to light to be brave enough to end it with him. It was another 5 months after that before I went a whole day without bursting out crying for no reason or crying myself to sleep or missing him so much that I thought about going back. Now here I stand, almost exactly a year later and though I knew I had to cross it eventually, I never really expected it to happen.

It was a step...a step past that friendship line that we all strive to cross when we've had our hearts broken...and it feels...well, it feels weird. I didn't want to hear about his girlfriend because I thought it would hurt, but you know what? It didn't! Sure I felt a little twinge in the corners of my gut, but other than that...nothing! No hate, no animosity towards the girl, not even that used to be familiar need to be loved by him that I used to feel all the time. In fact, I surprised myself by feeling kinda sorry for them to be going thru their little problems.

There were many lessons to be learned this last year. Among them was above all else, be true to yourself. Don't trust too easily or be too uncautious when giving your heart away. And of course, relationships can't stand on love alone. That's my favorite one because you know what? I will always miss the love I gave him and the love I thought I received back. I will never regret giving him all of my heart because it did me good in the long run. And even though I'll probably always love him, I will never be in love with him because I can never trust him again (well, maybe not never...but it will take a ginormously huge miracle and all the planets plus pluto aligning for me to be convinced to trust him again).

I don't know if this means I've truly mended, or if it just means that my heart broke so badly it couldn't possibly be hurt (by him) anymore. My best buddy Mr. A would probably say that it means I've moved on, that Im no longer in the delusion that we will be together ever again and that I've accepted it and am happy with it. I'll take any of the above.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Never Fear!

...E's still here. Kinda. So sorry for the lack of bloggy presence in the last few days as reitterated time and again by the texts and emails and blog comments that I have received, all along the lines of "WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?"

Fear not and don't call the cops. I'm here...not dead (ish). Just add up looong days at work + supervisor changes + brand spankin new gym membership and what do you get? ME. Dead tired at night, barely conscious enough to drag my sorry butt to bed and definitely not conscious enough to blog (both read and write).

I've got a few more days of the crazy schedule then things should mellow out so you'll be getting more of the same first rate entertainment you've come to expect from me very very soon.

In the meantime here's a joke for you all:

A dude walks into a bar.

Wow, that's so trite and overdone...ok, let me change that...

A PIRATE walks into a bar (*grin*) wearing a steering wheel as a belt buckle. The bartender looks over and asks the pirate "Hey! Why are you wearing a steering wheel as a belt buckle?" and the pirate answers:

"Arrrgh...It's drivin' me nuts!"

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What the...?

I was hanging out with a coworker after work, and since she drove carpool today, I gladly [had no choice but to] accompanied her to the pharmacy to pick up an asthma inhaler. But that isn't the funny part. The funny part came when I read the little booklet that came in the package. It said:

Certain side effects include:
-- shortness of breath, inability to take deep breaths, nose bleed, dry throat.
--swelling of the face, lips, and tongue.
--difficulty breathing, wheezing, chest tightness
--blurred vision, eye pain, headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting.
--white patches or sores in the mouth and nose
--fast or irregular heartbeat
--and in some cases DEATH.

...uh huh....

Personally, I'd take the asthma.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oh, the mind of a female...bored out of her head.

Due to some unfortunate circumstances, I was forced to stay at home from an otherwise normal work day. Normally when I have a planned day off, it is just what it is...PLANNED. Today, not so much. I had little to do but slather on face cream once every 3 hours (as needed) and wash my face with cold water prior to doing so (as needed). So it was during one of those times when I was lying in bed with anti-rash face goo on and a cold wet towel over my face (killing two birds with one specialty) that I found myself with nothing to do but think random thoughts.

-I need to get some more female friends. Like real female friends. Because if I ever get married and had to plan a bachelorette party, I would want more than 6 people to come. And if I invited a bunch of people I didn't know...well, that would be just sad.

-I should totally start designing my own wedding gown just in case. Like asap! Who knows how long it will take to make and how long I'd have to work out to fit into it! Years maybe! Stupid genes and stupid tummy bulges.

-I wonder...if I lay down long enough would my organs shift in the flat position so that when I finally get up I'd look like I had a flat stomach? Note to self...experiment to see how long of a lay down would produce the most effective flat belly illusion.

-*Gasp* Oh my God! Am I...??? *counting in my head* Oh no...false alarm, I'm good...another week and a half.

-I'm getting fat again. *sigh*

-I'm hungry. I should thank Alison for recommending that smells really good! *sniff* like apricots...or baked apples! Hmmm apple pie!!!

-Is that my phone ringing? *listens* Eh, it's just a text. I'm in no mood to answer it now so whoever it is can just suck it.

-I should really call HIM. When was the last time I talked to him again? Hmm...can't remember. Oh well, I don't care. I'll probably just annoy him. But what if he really wants to talk to me but is just waiting for me to call? Whatever, if he wanted to talk to you he'd call you. But what if he thinks it's my turn to call him? Nah, he's busy with work and his new girlfriend so if he wanted to chat then he can just damn well call you first.

-Maybe I should just send him a quick email. A joke or just to say hi. Or maybe not. Hmm. I'll give it another week, and if he still hasn't called then I'll send him a quick text.

-I wonder how Eagle is? I should email know, just to make sure he's still alive. Note to self, email Eagle and see if he needs me to send him anything. And ask him for that stupid picture he keeps telling you he'll send.

-Some guys are just too pretty. Too darn pretty for their own good. Darn all pretty guys! Darn them to heck!

-I wonder what the Scandinavian God is doing? I should ask him to send me another one of his songs. I wonder if he'll consider it a compliment or an insult if I told him I listen to them to fall asleep....Compliment? Insult? Compliment? Insult?... He'll probably be insulted. Nevermind.

-I should have put my ipod on before I lay down. Maybe it's around here.

*feels around on her nightstand and the shelves behind her bed*

-Nope, guess not. Next time then. Remind me.

-Oooh, if I press my fingers into my eyes hard enough, I can see stars!

-How long have I been lying here? Dang it, I should have set a timer. Or I can just get up and look at the clock! Nah, I'll just sit here for another few minutes and chill....

*2 hours later*

-Dammit, did I fall asleep? I must have! I should wash my face again.

*hauls myself up from bed* up too fast. I should lay down for a second till the floor stops spinning.

*hour and a half later*


Monday, January 12, 2009

Fantasy Football....

Fantasy Football makes me horny! Well, not really...but it gives me tingles in unexpected places ;)

Stolen from my best buddy Mr. A over at Life on the Crawl.

Can't wait for next season!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

VANITY! Thy name is "big nasty rash"

My mom took me to a spa for a facial in celebration of passing one of the three tests I took yesterday (the results for the rest haven't come out yet).

Now I have a nasty rash all over my face and neck! Im all red and splotchy and it itches so f*ing bad! My mom is fine...she goes to that spa all the time and apparently I'm the only one who had an allergic reaction to whatever crap they used. I have to call in sick tomorrow at work so I can go to the f*ing spa and complain, then drag my butt over to the doctor to get something for my face.


Update: 01/13/09

I've got some cream from the doctor to slather on my face and even though it's still kinda red at least it doesn't itch like the devil anymore. They said that I was allergic to the "soothing cream" (ironic right?) and it was made worse by the fact that they put it on my face right after they scrubbed it with exfoliant and a mild chemical peel. Lovely!

Just consider it a mental upchuck [Part IV]

A collection of stories that I've been meaning to write about, or that other people have told me I should post, or that I've recently just remembered...all here for your reading pleasure.

Part IV: That time at the airport.

I was going thru the blog posts from the last week that I have missed and came across Poobomber's post about his unbelievable luck when it comes to air travel. At one time, I would have been able to tell you the same about me. That despite the number of times I've been on planes that I have never ever ever had a bad experience at the airport. Well...maybe not NEVER.

Let me explain...

There was a point in my life where I was seriously dating a guy (THE guy...Le HIM) who lived in California. His work sometimes allowed him to come up to Seattle for a weekend or so, but even then in the time we were together I must have travelled to Cali about 6 or so times in a year. Not only that, but I have family all over the US and Asia and when we can't road trip out a vacation, we flew. I never had any problems flying and never had issues with my baggage or my flights being delayed until the first time I flew down to see him.

The flight there was the usual 2 and a half hour naptime for me, no problems whatsoever. I spent a few days there and we had such a fantabulous visit that I really didn't want to go home. The day I was supposed to leave, we made it all the way to the airport and had checked me and my luggage in and were on the way to the security check when I turned to him and said "I don't want to go". Without even flinching he goes "ok". And we turn around and walked down an up-escalator to get back to the check in desk to see if we can get my luggage back.

No such luck. My luggage was on a carousel ride to the plane already and I thought I would have to leave anyway but thankfully the ticket agent was a really sweet woman who took one look at me and said "let me see what I can do". I think it was partially because I looked so pathetic and teary-eyed at the thought of leaving, and probably partially because my guy was wearing his Navy uniform and she probably thought he was getting deployed or what not (I didn't bother correcting her and he helped fuel the assumption by saying "she doesn't want to leave me so soon" or something to that effect). It turns out that she couldn't do anything about my luggage but arranged for me to take another flight later the next day. I didn't care (I didn't need anything in my suitcase that I couldn't buy or borrow for a day) and gave her a big grin and off we went.

The next day, knowing that I couldn't keep postponing the inevitable, I hopped on the plane. Although it was only a two hour plane ride, I had to do a changeover in Portland, OR. I got off my plane and on the way to the next terminal I stopped by the restroom. I stepped into a stall, did my business, then when I tried to slide the latch to get out I found that I was stuck.

Or rather the DOOR was stuck. SHUT...with me inside it.

I had a moment of "there is no f*ing way this is f*ing way!" So I spent the next 5 minutes jiggling the door and going thru my purse for tools to try and McGyver my way out (of course I had no sharp instruments to use because it was all confiscated at security). During my time of panic there were people coming in and out of the bathroom but I was too embarassed to ask for help. The time for me to catch my plane got nearer and nearer and I finally contemplated just shimmying underneath the stall door. I knew I could fit because I'm pretty svelte but just the thought of crawling on a nasty bathroom floor had me desperately looking for alternatives. Finally, I thought the room was empty (I was not about to implement my escape plan with witnesses) so I stood on top of the toilet to see over the door to make sure.

At the same time as I stuck my head above the doorframe, a flight attendant (who was apparently checking under the door to see if anyone was in my stall) straightened up, looked me in the face and almost had a coronary to find me staring back at her. She looked at me in silent question and I nervously giggled and said "apparently I'm stuck and I can't get the door open". To her credit, she didn't even laugh. Or maybe she just waited till she was out of the room. But she said "hold on, lemme get someone" and left. A couple minutes later she walked in with a janitor/maintenance guy who took the door off the hinges and got me out. I hurriedly thanked them both and ran to my terminal where I barely made it in the door as they were getting ready to shut it.

An hour later, I get to Seattle and went to baggage claim. I had a momentary panic attack when I couldn't find my luggage amongst the ones flying down the chute, untill I remembered that my stuff had made it home a day earlier. I went to lost baggage and showed them my pass and they typed up my name in the computer. The lady couldn't find my name. She tried different combinations and finally found me with the information from my original flight. It turns out that the lady at the check in in Sacramento had misspelled my name. It's a fairly unique name and I had id and my original flight info but apparently Seattle baggage lady was the anal-stick-to-the-rules type and she wouldn't give me my luggage until she had called both her supervisor and her supervisor's supervisor to get the ok to hand me my crap....32 minutes later!


The End.

It's like a damn virus!

For my buddy over at Unbearable Banishment, as promised:

A Little Respect (the Scrubs version) by Erasure

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Guess WHO???

I'm back my dear blogger friends, and no worse for wear either! Now that it's all over and all I have left to do is sit on my thumbs and wait for the results, I don't mind telling you what test I took. Just didn't want to jinx myself before. It was an entrance exam to grad school and I think I did pretty darn good (if I do say so myself).

Anyway, now that I don't have to worry about trivial little things like math equations and "thinking" I can now sit back and relax and read your lovely posts from the last 6 *gulp* days! I will be leaving my usual little comments presently, but in the meantime...occupy yourselves with this:

Her name is Haruyo and the song is called "Lei Pikake"

P.S. I just got an email from my cousin wanting me to go to Forks, WA with her and her friends next weekend for her birthday. I guess she is really addicted to Twilight and want to do a tour of the cities in the book (ie. Forks and Port Angeles). This is my 28 year old cousin. Who, by the way is a Lieutenant in the Army. I'm kinda hoping that the roads will get washed out in the torrential downpour we are having between now and Saturday so I don't have to make up an excuse not to go. Or maybe I'll just wake up on Saturday morning already dressed in her car and halfway to the coast because she is just that stealthy...I think they teach you that in the military.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Temporary Respite from the Blogger World.

I didn't want you all to think I've died or anything, so I wanted to give a warning.

I won't be around much till next week (not reading your blogs or blogging) because I've got a very important test coming up which I need to prepare for.


No, not THAT test! No, not THAT one either. It's not medical related...

So, wish me luck...or send me test answers (whichever works for your conscience). In the interim, please enjoy the following:


Friday, January 2, 2009

A Quicky Update and a Man Crush

...on this guy.

Or should I say BOY crush?

He's 16...

I'm going to hell.

On the upside, my holiday events went swimmingly well. Christmas was a bit tamer this year than most years, partially because I was sick sick SICK and couldn't really do much but complain and throwup, though not necessarily in that order. Plus, we were snowed in for days at a time and there can only be so much familial unity before the carnage begins. One good thing that happened, other than the presents (woohoo! free crap!) was my dad, in the quest to keep the family entertained, taught us how to play mah-jong. Apparently, I have a pretty wicked gambler side that has been hidden all these years and I CLEANED UP!!! Sure it was only pretty colored chips and not real money but it's the thought that counts.

On Tuesday (that would be the day before New Year's Eve) I hung out with a friend..."the Scandinavian God (TSG)" for those of you in the know. Cooked dinner (together), ate dinner (together), drank wine (together), listened to our playlists and critiqued each other's horrible/awesome musical tastes (together), baked homemade ice cream cake (me), played guitar (him), and pretty much just ushered in the the New Year a day early. The actual New Year's Eve was spent doing almost the same thing minus the ice cream cake and the guitar playing and adding in 7 more people. Quiet and just the way (uh huh uh huh) I liked it. Pretty decent way to kick off the next 365 days. Here's hoping that KARMA will finally reward me/cut me some slack for my partially sucky 2007 and my even suckier 2008.