Thursday, April 30, 2009

Update: Stupid iPod! and 200th Post

Because everyone was so nice about it, and I couldn't answer all 14 of you at once.


Three hours and 12 minutes later... I finally got all my music, TV shows, Movies, Podcasts back into my iPod.

I'm not even gonna get in to the amount of brain power it took to find all the files (most of them were still in my harddrive) and don't get me started on how many times I had to reauthorize my computer so my iPod can sync because it kept telling me the computer was already authorized you stupid stupid girl!

Ok it didn't actually say "stupid stupid girl" but only because I think it was scared of me. Yeah, that's it.


You know what else? I just realized this is my 200th Post. And it sucks! *sigh* Maybe for my 300th I can come up with something better. But you know...don't hold your breath.

Anyway, for my 200th in celebration for me!

Ready everyone?!?!



YOU! Yes you! *points* You're not allowed to do the wave anymore. EVER!

(p.s. please only watch the first 50 seconds of the video. Do not watch the whole thing...please for the love of God don't watch the whole thing!!!!)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stupid iPOD!

So I get home from a very long and uneventful day at work, and all I wanted to do was sync my iPod to my computer to dowload some songs I just purchased and of course, because as it always happens when Im at the end of my patience...

My itunes can't find my stupid library. I double clicked on the icon just like I normally do, then connected my ipod like I normally do and all of a sudden it says this computer isn't authorized for use on my ipod and do I want to erase the ipod to sync it to this one or find a library to use. WTH!?!?! So my options are either downloading and or transferring all 1500 of my songs to a new library again (and I still don't know if I can transfer all the ones I've purchased) or never be able to sync my ipod again?


I've never wanted to throw something out the window as much as I do this very second.

---Update: Not only do I have to retransfer all of my music files into iTunes, and redownload all my purchased stuff...but I also have to re-rip all 50+ of my CDs back into iTUNES!!!! ANNNNDDD. If that isn't enought, there's still no guarantee that the next time I try to sync my ipod back to my computer that it will recognize my ipod.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

TAG! I'm it!

Felisa over at Girl Uninterrupted (not to be confused with Girl Interrupted over at A World So Small) has tagged me with a meme. At least I think she did. You don't know any other E's do you Felisa? LMAO!

Anyway, the tagged ones are supposed to put up a recent picture of themselves and she so smartly just tagged the people she knew were not against putting their faces out for the whole blogdom to see. Then, Im supposed to tag other people but the way I see it, if you don't mind having others see your mugg then you would have already done so. How's about if you decide to do this tag then just link it in my blog and we'll call it even?

So here is a recent picture and for my latest video visit my other blog

The Guy Questionnaire

I like to think of myself as fairly well versed when it comes to those of the opposite sex. Not completely in tune mind you, but familiar with the territory.

(because really, I wouldn't want to be at one with any guy's brain)

(except maybe Albert Einstein, or Shakespeare, or Bill Gates)

(but I digress...)

However, regardless of how well I can navigate around most men's moods and thoughts, I am time and again left wondering at some perplexities of the male mind. I noticed that a good chunk of my readership are married guys...or just guys...or women who are married TO guys. So I implore upon you these burning questions that I've had. Feel free to answer one, some or none. Ask around to your friends ask your husbands and wives and see if they know any more that you or I do.

Here we go:

1) All three of my ex boyfriends (and yes, I only count the three) loved to watch me put on makeup and get dressed and fix my hair. Some of them would literally perch themselves on the bed or the dresser or toilet depending on where I happen to be, and just watch fascinated while I "transform" myself for a special event. Now I don't want to hear any gay jokes because trust me on this, not a single one of them were...but I do want to hear what the big fascination is? I can understand for women why they like to watch my tutorials for tips but why the guys?

2) Be honest! And be anonymous if you want...but how much does a woman's attractiveness/weight/personality factor into how you feel towards her AS A FRIEND. And do these quantifiers change when you are considering a woman as a RELATIONSHIP PROSPECT. Do women really need to worry that much about how they look or should they worry more about how they act.

3) What is the best way for a girl to breakup with a guy. And what is the best way for a guy to breakup with a girl from the guy's perspective. (trust me, I will correct you on this if you are far off the mark)

4) When a bunch of guys are at a crowded it really the unwritten guy law that if you can help it, you do not take the urinal in between two other guys? If so, then what's the big deal? Are you afraid that the guy next to you will all of a sudden show you their bits and pieces or are you just scared that curiousity will overtake and you just have to take a peek-sy? What if you really really have to pee?

5) On that same note, why are men so weirded out by the prospect of seeing another dude's things at a urinal or at a locker room (or so I assume) but they're perfectly fine watching some guy's thing and marbles on a porno flick?

6) Raise your hand if you believe that women don't dress or put on makeup for men...they do it for other women.

7) If you can ask a woman any one question and trust that you will get the completely honest, unbiased, so true it hurts answer...but just one question...what would you ask her?

8) Do men really fantasize about a threesome? I mean, really? And is it just fantasy to remain as such or would you guys actually jump at the chance to participate in one? And while we're on the subject, what would you do if your wife or significant other asked you to do one...would you decide differently if you were the one to propose it?

9) Raise your hand if you believe in the phrase "once a cheater always a cheater".

10) And this question is strictly for the guys: how important is your looks to you? We all know that most women tend to obsess about certain things like hair, weight, this little wrinkle there or that little sag there...but what about guys? What is the one thing about your body that you are most insecure about?

If you want to answer these questions on your own blog as opposed to my comments sections then please link the post to this one. Or if you prefer sending me email, you can do that too. And don't forget (shameless self-promotion) to check out a new video on my other blog.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Update: and the football posts start again.

Dont agree with OT Unger as R2 pick. We need defense. But I guess w/ Houzmanzedeh on board, the Hawks are focused on QB and WR protection. <~E>

------Update: response to Scope's comment.

Ah...I disagree. We needed a WR that's tall enough to catch the ball LOL. So totally high fiving my team for that pick. And I like Dhani Jones of the Bengals (linebacker) even before he had that kick ass show on the Travel Channel.

And Ocho Cinco can go suck it. Him and TO and their big fat poopy heads.

I still wish we got some defensive players on the draft tho. I guess now that a bunch of people are off the injured list this season (ie. Trufant) I just need to cross my fingers it'll be enough to pull us out of the slump.

Could be worse. I could be a Lions fan! Ooooh Snap! ;)

I'm just waiting for another chance to beat the Steelers to a bloody pulp this season.

Whoa! Did I say that out loud?

(watches as my follower list reduces by at least a couple people)

Anybody else saying yay or nay on the draft this year?
Seahawks 1st round draft pick: linebacker Aaron Curry. NOT QB Sanchez. Should be a good compliment to the team! Good Pick! <~E>

Thursday, April 23, 2009

More Postcards!

Oh c'mon people!

I've only gotten 5 responses so far for postcards. I promise not to stalk you if you give me your addy. And if you really don't want to give me yours then can you just send ME a postcard?

Because really, I was just trying to be nice.

I really just wanted postcards and am trying to get one from every state and from different countries.

Read the previous blog post for details.

So you wanna feel special!!!

Blogger buddy Sid over at Verbal Diorrhoea put up a post a few days ago about how excited she was when she received a postcard from another blogger buddy Gwen at Everything I Like Causes Cancer. Apparently, Sid is an avid collector of postcards and had asked for them a while back.

Coinkidinkally, I collect postcards too! Yep, its true. So I offered to send her one if she sent me one in return. Sort of a "Ill show you mine if you show me yours" scenario. I went to the Pike Place Market today with Nerick (from Nerick's Blog) and bought me a crapton of postcards.

(And by a crapton I mean 6)

So I'm putting this out for you all...if you want a postcard from the lovely city of Seattle (don't laugh, it IS lovely...ask Scope! Right Scope?) then email me your address ( and I'll send you one. Help me put a dent in this lovely book of stamps I just purchased. In return, all I ask is a postcard back from whatever equally lovely city you reside in, your undying love and devotion, and $100 bucks paypalled to me.


Ok, ok...I was kidding about the $100 bucks.


And maybe the undying love and devotion too.


But I WAS NOT lying about the postcards.

Oh and also, blogger buddy Trooper Thorn at Dogs and Jeans has issued a challenge to Ashton Kutcher. First one to gain 100 new blog followers will have to give $100 dollars to Unicef. Help a brother out will ya?

[Shameless self-promotion: new video posted at my other blog Just Another Beauty get to hear my squeeky voice and my ghetto fab accent...or do you???]

Monday, April 20, 2009

Interview Meme

Interview Meme

Rules: well obviously you have to answer these questions. Then tag 5 others to do the meme. Simple right? Well get to it then!

1) Everybody has an embarassing quirk or hobby or nervous twitch. What is yours?

I'm a compulsive split-end hunter. This is why I like to keep my hair super long. It's easier to scope out the ends when you can pull them around to see.

2) What is your favorite book? And I don't want to hear "Wuthering Heights" or "the works of William Shakespeare". Really. Honestly. What is your FAVORITE book?

Ok ok you got me. The one book I will never be tired of reading is Heartbreaker by Julie Garwood. Actually, almost anything by Julie Garwood. Damn you for making me tell the truth!

3) Everyone is related to a celebrety. 6 degrees of separation! Who is your famous or faux-mous relation?

First of all it's celebrIty...and who the heck came up with the term faux-mous? Anyway, if we're just going with local celebrities or otherwise well known individuals then I guess I'd go with my aunt. She was a former Miss Washington and finished in the top 5 in that year's Miss America. And no, I don't look anything like her.

4) How did you come up with your Blog name?

My first name starts with the letter E...and it's really hard to pronounce right if you haven't heard it spoken before so I've been going by E for a while. And at the time I was thinking of a blog name, I was reading this book where one of the lines was "and he made waves in the art world, deconstructing all norms and expectations and redefining what it means to be an artist". I guess it spoke to me. Hence E-Deconstructed.

5) What color are you?

I'm kind of a peachy gold color with a bit of very light tan thrown in. Actually I guess since I'm more peach than gold I'd be a goldish peach. Like if French Bread and Whole Wheat Bread got married and had a baby, then you took that baby and cut it in half and spread some honey butter on it...that's what color I am. Trust me on this.

6) Do news anchors on TV wear pants under their desks?

I would like to think they do. Because otherwise...ew!

7) When you are having a particularly crappy day, what song do you turn to on your iPod (or other such music player)?

Depends on why I'm having a crappy day. If I had a bad day at work and having thoughts of going postal on my coworkers: Lay Down by Priestess. If it's a guy issue: Fighter by Christina Aguilera, I shoulda been more like that by Miranda Lambert. etc etc. too lazy to go thru my playlist right now.

8) Guy question: When men go pee at a crowded urinal and accidentally see their neighbors junk, what do you think goes thru their minds?

Well, if I was a guy I'd probably compare and contrast. Then have myself a hearty guffaw because I'd surely be better endowed than the next guy (hey, it's my imagination!). Then I'd promptly erase all traces of the guy's private bits from my memory and forget it ever happened.

9) Girl question: Why is a AA bra cup size smaller than an A, but a DD is bigger than a D?

Uhm...well...ahhh... Crap. I have no idea!

10) What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Since you didn't specify what came first the chicken or the chicken egg...then Ill say the egg. This is me being incorrigible. You're welcome.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A little bit of this, and a little bit of that.

1) I've decided that rather than posting a bunch of makeup videos on this blog, that I'd just go ahead and start a new one to save all of you (and by all of you, I mean the men) the hassle of having to skip my blog when you see a vid posted. You're welcome. To the rest of you, here is the new link:

TexiLexi78, if you are reading this, the tutorial you requested for your super hot date this weekend has already been posted! :) Tell your friends...tell your enemies...Enjoy the video.

2) I've noticed some new commenters on my blog and if this applies to you, won't you please hit that little "follow" button on the side there so I know who you are?!?! Thanks a bunch.

3) Shout out to Candy's Daily Dandy and to That Blue Yak! Go read their blogs. Good as gold they both are!

4) Lastly, an update to my last post. I saw the dog again today. And this time I followed it. Yes, I FOLLOWED it, from a discrete and safe distance. And I followed it straight to its home which...get this...turns out to be my next door-ish neighbors. Yeah. Kind of anti-climactic.

I guess the dog is old but friendly and quiet and it has made friends with some of the kids and people around the neighborhood. So every few days or so the owners let it out and it goes for a walk and visit! And it always comes back home after a few hours. His name is Piko and I asked my neighbors if they mind me coming around and playing with him once in a while and they said that after a couple visits, more than likely Piko will come barking at my door on his weekly rounds to say HI! Sweet!!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Moral Dilemma

Before I start on my post for the day, can I just say that since my last video how to was apparently such a great hit, I'm thinking of doing one once a week. Or maybe once every 10 days...depending on my lazyness factor and if I have time. So for those of you who liked the tutorial, check back every few days for new ones.

And for my loyal followers, NO this is not gonna turn into some girly chic blog LOL. Well, at least not everyday!

On to the real topic at hand.

Now that the weather is getting nice (or should I say NICE-ER for Seattle) I've been jogging outside instead of the treadmill. I have seen this dog walking around the same area of my neighborhood maybe 5 times already and everytime I see him (or her) I haven't been close enough to see if it had a collar. Even though it looks pretty well fed and fluffy (yes, I use "fluffy" as an indication of good health...applies to dogs, cats, babies and people) it's always walking around so dejected looking. I don't know if it's lost, homeless or just old.
I was walking to the store yesterday and it was there again! I ran back home and ran back with a camera to take a pic and thankfully it was in the same spot.
So I'm thinking my options are this:
1) Take it home with me and love it forever. It looks like a Husky or possibly an Alaskan Malamute?
2) Call the owners.
3) Call the pound.
Now here's my problem. All of these options rely on me getting close enough to see if it has a collar or to look for a chip under the skin. If I knew for sure it was a friendly dog I wouldn't mind calling to it, or running right up to it...I've had dogs before and I'm not scared of them. OR...In my quest to be all PETA, get bitten, get rabies, and die a painful death.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

HOW TO: Episode 1

A friend of mine was attending a wedding in Colorado last month and normally when she has a special event to attend, I would do her makeup. Now that I think about it, I have several friends who have me do their makeup for them when an event comes around. Hmmm...

Anyway, since this time around, I won't be able to travel to Denver with her (much as I would have loved to) I had her come over a week before she left to do the makeup on her. Then as an added bonus, I packaged up all the makeup I used and this video I made for her to take. I know, I'm an awesome friend! :) And she said it was ok for me to tell you that yes, she really is that defective when putting on makeup that she needed me to do a video for her to follow. I thought it would be fun to post it here so I re-edited it and cut in some extras and other stuff....

Before you guys (or girls, since I don't think many guys would watch this) say anything: 1) Sorry for the wife beater...I had just woken up and did this video before I had to go to work, 2) No, I do not wear this much makeup, nor do I spend this much time on my face on a daily basis. This was for a special occasion. 3) If I ever decide to do something like this again, Ill have to find better can barely see the makeup colors and it looks like Im addicted to faking and baking. It really does look better in person And 4) I don't want to hear anything about how makeup hides the natural beauty and no makeup is better. To each his or her own right!?! :)

That said, please enjoy!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Just consider it a mental upchuck [Part VII]

So I'm back...and I'd like to say better than ever, but I think I'll just go with "well rested" :) Hope you all had a fulfilling Lenten Season and a great Easter! I've missed you all but not nearly as much as you've missed me!
Wait! I meant, you know...I've missed you AS MUCH AS IF NOT MORE THAN you've missed me.
Right. Anyhoo, I know this post isn't up to my usual standards but I've been out of practice so bear with me! :)

Part VII: Pain for Pain and other stupid ideas...

From the moment I turned 18 (and truthfully, even before then), I wanted...nay, yearned for a tattoo. Because it's a cool thing to have (or so I thought at the time, and still do) and because I wanted so badly to rebel against the goody two shoe nerd image that I've unfortunately embodied my whole life. To my credit however, I didn't want to just waltz up to a tattoo studio, pick a stupid design off a wall and end up regretting something for the rest of my life. Besides, if I was going to put myself thru GAD-awful pain, then it better be worth it!

As it turns out, I never could decide on a single design or color or placement so even though I had a few designs I'd tinker with now and again, the whole tattoo event was put on the back burner. Fast forward 5 years and I was dating a guy with a few tattoos. Seeing his artwork made me dust off the old drawings and doodles and earnestly begin working on them again. I was not and am not a great artist, but I forced myself to draw my own tat since I figured that way it would mean more in the long run. When I finally settled on a design, I (on another brilliant moment of absolute wisdom) decided to take the picture, stick it on a wall, and make myself wait another few months before getting it. To make sure that me staring at it day after day didn't make me change my mind or get sick of the design.

Fast forward another 4 months and my boyfriend broke up with me...broke my heart and all that. During one of those nights at the beginning of the breakup, my sleep deprived and tear clogged brain came up with a theory. Not a brilliant don't judge me! Anyway, I came up with this theory that the only way to get myself thru the emotional and mental pain was to cause myself physical pain to take its place.

...ok, don't panic! I didn't want to start cutting myself or anything like that. Rather I figured, what better time to get a tattoo than now! At the same time that my brain was coming up with the whole Pain for Pain theory, one thought lead to another that lead to another. I told myself that other women have gone thru this same pain before and lived thru it, among them both my grandmothers and my mom. If they were strong enough then darnit so am I. In fact, the women in my life are the strongest, toughest, badasses I know so what better way to honor their strength than to permanently etch their names into my back for all of eternity!

So I hauled myself out of bed at 3am, modified my design to include both grandmothers' and my mother's names and reminded myself to call my tattoo artist the next morning before finally passing out. In another stroke of luck (or fate...), a friend of mine called me up the next day because he wanted to see his friend about refreshing his tattoo and wanted to know if I could come along. I said sure! His friend just happened to own a tattoo parlor and after politely asking him (and doing some gratuitous eyelash-batting) I convinced him to do mine without an appointment and for a huge friends and family discount! 45 minutes, 2 extra strength ibuprofen, and a LOT of hand gripping and teeth clenching later, I had my first tattoo.

Even though the circumstances surrounding the event were a little strange, I have never regretted my final design decision for a moment. Not only did I inadvertently end up honoring the best people in my life in a unique way but as a bonus my mom couldn't really get too mad at me since I went thru pain to immortalize her in a way no else would.

Now if I could only claim the same amount of brilliance and fate intervention about my second one...

But that's a story for a different day!

(Names have been blacked out for privacy reasons...but they're there!)