Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cant. Stop. Watchin...

"Has everyone here got a shovel?"


"Then why am I takin' mine for then?"

And hilarity ensues...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Reading the Rules

Because I had nothing else better to post. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Veteran's Day

Remember what this day is really about, not just an excuse to not go to school or a work holiday! Thank a veteran or current military for their sacrifice.

Sending all my love tonight to my Marine and his whole battalion somewhere over the Pacific.

Semper Fi!


11/10 and 11/11: Today and Tomorrow I am thankful for the people who gave their life in service to this country and for the freedoms that they have earned for us all that we often take forgranted. Freedoms like the right to practice your own religion, freedom to live without fear of persecution for what you believe in, and freedom of speech.

And I sincerely pray for the souls of people like Fred Phelps (godhatesfags.com) whose actions are an insult to the very people who fight for their right to spew hate and evil in this world.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Month of Thanks...one day at a time

A few of my friends on Facebook started posting daily thanksgivings for the month of November. I thought it was a good idea so I started to do it too.

Today, I found it so hard to find one thing I was thankful for. Which is really saying something because I just went thru the driving day from the hell not too long ago. (More on that on a different post). Today I've just been frustrated and angry and I've been on the verge of tears more than once. I'm annoyed at everyone and everything and NO before you ask, I am NOT on the rag. Sometimes life just catches up with you and you're incapable of handling it all at once.

So I posted a random thanksgiving that wasn't really random nor was it really a thanksgiving...just to have something to say. I then proceeded to get all my books out and study for an upcoming test.

A few hours later, I hear my door open and in comes my dog. I looked at him all annoyed as he started to come near me to give me kisses...he got the picture and backed away and I ignored him as he settled down into his favorite spot by my bed. An hour after that, I just about had it with reading and studying and rereading and studying and still not knowing what the hell I'm doing. I shoved my chair back and dropped my books on the floor.

I guess I woke Rex up. In the middle of a pretty good frown and sulk and mental diatribe about how stupid I am and what a loser I turned out to be etc etc etc, I happen to glance over at him. He was staring right at me with a big doofy grin on his face and his tail wagging like there's no tomorrow.

"HI!! *wag wag wag* Are you done?? Can we play?? Will you rub my belly??? *wag* I've missed you!! *wag wag* Oh, you're not done yet?? That's ok, Ill just wait for you riiiight here! *lick*" Even now as I write this, he is curled up in an impossibly small ball at my feet ready to wake up at a moment's notice, just to tell me he loves me.

And just like that, I have something to be thankful for.

11/08/2010: Today I am thankful for Rex and his waggly tail. Because he loves me even when I don't love myself. And he reminds me that no matter what is going on in my life...there's always something to wag your tail about.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Anyone still here?

It's been so long since I've posted here that it took me 8 tries to remember my password. Clearly, Im out of practice but I'll try my best to deliver the 1/2 decent material you've all come to expect from me.

This post however, will not be one of my masterpieces. I thought I'd take the time to update you on what I've been up to. What has kept my attentions away from you blog readers (or at least the 4 of you that decided to stick around in case I wasn't dead and came back).

Are you ready?


Went back to school full time. Which really, doesn't make much of a difference as far as my daily life is concerned. It just means I have less time to sleep and spend a heckuvalot more on gas than I usually do. What am I going to school for? My graduate degree in blood, bugs, and body fluids. [Read: Medical Lab Sciences]. Im literally elbow deep in the stuff daily. Which I figure for a good thing since Ill have even more nicely grotesque daily caveats to impart on you poor people than before. Like that one time the girl spilled a whole vial of blood on me and I became a walking biohazard. Or the one time I volunteered to have someone practice drawing blood on me and ended up with an arm bruise the size of Wisconsin for a week. hahaha...ahhh, good times.


He doesn't really take up much time...I just wanted to introduce you all to Sexy Rexy (Rex for short)...since he will be filling in on some posts once in a while. You know...when I'm too lazy to write stuff myself. It's ok...he's even cuter and funnier than I am. You'll love him!


Again, he doesn't take up much time either. Mostly because he's deployed and I don't really get to talk to him as often as I like. I figured since Scope over at Scope-tech already introduced you all to his abs and pecs, I should probably introduce you to the rest of him. Now, since I have very limited contact with him at least for the next 2 months or so, I haven't really asked him if I can out him on my blog. So I'm just gonna refer to him as "the blue-eyed boy".

That's all.

I guess I should say something witty now and figure out a good way to exit.