Friday, November 7, 2008

Another political post...

You know, for someone who isn't really into politics, I have recently written more politics related posts than I ever thought I would. Hopefully this is my last...

I was told that I was very non-combative in my last post, and I agree. I don't want to be violent on paper, but rather as responsible a citizen as I possibly could be and that includes trying my hardest to research the background behind my views before putting them down for the whole world to see. I don't want to seem as ignorant as the people who have been sending me bulletins in the last week while all the time accusing the rest of the country (or at least the majority who did vote for the president-elect) as being stupid, ignorant, and most of all unconstitutional and un-American. Yeah, you heard right. Here is a brief but inclusive excerpt from one of the most interesting posts I read. Please keep in mind that this is unedited by me and also that this is only one of 5 posts this person put out, and only 1/6 of it. The 1/6 I managed to wade thru before I got so pissed off that I closed the window.

"CONGRATS AMERICA YOU JUST HIRED THE FIRST NON AMERICAN FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. now you know our constitution means nothing......just goes to show how stupid some of you really are, Your cheering for our country going to hell. You will wish you and he rest of the Obama voters would have done some homework instead of voting off what crap he fills your head full of. Today is the first day I can say im ashamed to be an american. may as well allow the muslim flag to fly free over our white house."

Yep. Somehow I'm left to wonder how long this person sat down to think and "do his homework" before writing that. Something tells me not very long. It's ok though. In the same hour I read this, I also got a very nicely written, well thought out post from another person who touched upon the same issues that the first dude did. I have asked for his permission to post it here so hopefully you will all get to read it too.

However I will post my reply now, and as always, feel free to comment positively or negatively. It is still a free country despite what others may think.

A president's job is to lead his people. LEAD. Not force them to believe or act in a way that benefits his own agenda. If you gather 100 random people together, there is a great chance that not all of them will agree on the same thing. What more with a whole country? That freedom to believe in what you believe, think what you want to think and have your voice heard, is what makes this country great despite it's faults. When you elect a leader, you want someone who will take a stand that will benefit as much of his citizens as possible and not only a select few. The American people have spoken and they wanted Obama as president. Not all of them are half-witted morons with brains full of Cool whip. I'm sure somewhere in the throng of Obama supporters you'll find a few educators, political analysts, maybe even a senator or two. You know...people who are actually qualified to make informed decisions regarding the state of our nation? When you start spouting off that the majority of the country is stupid and ignorant and you are ashamed to call yourself a part of it, then aren't you the one being un-American? This country was founded upon the individual's right to choose for themselves who they want to lead the country. And incidentally for the right to say whatever you want (which I see you are already well aware of). Having been born in a "third-world country" where guerilla rule and corruption runs rampant, I invite you to go ahead and move there. See how you like living in a country where people's votes really can be swayed with false words and bright smiles. Where people don't have the benefit of uncensored news articles, tv debates, interviews with the candidates, and complete access to the internet world where you can choose to believe what you want about your candidate of choice. Where what you believe in, and what you feel is right, and most importantly your opinion really doesn't count.

There are those who voted for their choice based on the topic of religion. Another touchy subject for sure. Let me just say that religion is only one part of a whole slew of topics that each candidate stands for. Although my views on that certain subject may not coincide with one candidate's views, I chose to vote for someone whose whole agenda would benefit the country or at least as much of it as possible. A president's job is not to lead us in Religion (that is what your pastor or priest is for, and hence the separation of Church and State). His job is to run the country as best as he can with morality and conviction for the good of all the citizens of his nation. For example, 46% of the country voted for McCain and out of that 46% one would expect that a percentage of those people did so because he was considered the more Christian candidate. Also out of that percentage one could rightly assume that they based their decision on the fact that the Bible dictates that "abortion is wrong" standing on the principle teaching that "thou shalt not have the right to kill". Yeah, that's right...I did my homework too!

I firmly believe that they are...right! The Bible does say thou shalt not kill and I believe that abortion is another form of killing. However, if you look at the facts and voting records and if you really take a close look at the Republican agenda (not just McCain but the whole party including Bush) you will see an astronomically high statistic of how many innocent people have died since the war started. One could also argue that this number when divided by the amount of time the war has been going on would be higher than the amount of abortions that would happen per year should the legislation passes to make abortions legal. Again this is all educated conjecture. Since the Republican party prides itself as running on a Christian platform one could conclude that our presence in the war is our Christian right to save the Iraqis (and others) from oppression. This isn't my words, but the words of some very devout Christians who insist that our presence in Iraq and Afghanistan is making a difference. In some ways it did and it still is, I agree to that. But if you really think about it, based on your logic can't you also argue that it is also the Muslim's God given right to do what they did? Who is to say that our God is right and theirs is wrong? The only difference is when you hear about the Muslims, you only think about the fanatics and the terrorists who in their blind need to follow their God's rules and internalize what their Qu'ran says word for word can't see the pain and evil it caused. Food for thought for all us Christians too right? In reality, the Islamic religion is the second largest religion next to Christianity but you don't see 1/4 of the world going around blowing up buildings do you? Nor do you hear about the fact that at the very basis of the Islamic faith is the principles of gratitude for what you are given and giving back to those who need it and in living a virtuous life. Sound familiar?

I, in no way, am belittling the work that our soldiers have done and how many of them have died for a cause that they believe in, nor am I ignoring the reason that we are at war to begin with. But when you decide to run your mouth off and accuse me of being un-American then you best be prepared to argue about it. It is your American right to call me stupid and ignorant but guess what? It is my American right to be educated enough to call your bullshit!

Defending your right to have your own conclusions...and as always yours truly,

Update: In response to "skibba". Thank you for your thoughts. I really appreciate someone taking the time to make an informed comment on their views. I did want to clarify that when I quoted the numbers for innocent lives lost in the war I was not merely stating the US casualty but the total number of people who died including those from the other side.


Angela said...


My experience is that trying to reason with these types of people who SHOULD know better, but don't, is pointless. No about of times you try to present your point of view, point out the facts, etc, will change their minds.

Truth is, they probably are NOT highly educated (hence, the lack of knowledge between "you're" and "your" -- a basic conventions skill) or well-traveled internationally. S/he probably do not realize that for once in nearly 8 years, Americans are not posing as Canadians abroad. It is a shame.

..:: C ::.. said...

Very good.. And one thing most people may not even realize is that Islam is actually a very peaceful religion. It's the fanatics and terrorists that add the violence. Which is why 1/4 of the planet isn't blowing things up.

BTW, maybe I'm really bad at using Google, you know, being in IT and all... But I can't seem to find a photo of this "muslim flag"..

Michael said...

Sorry it's so long. It's not argumentative or mean. I just wanted to let you know that just because some of your friend disagree with you doesn't mean that they should make fun of you or stop being your friend. Except for that jackass that said all of those ignorant thing to you. He's the one that need to get his nose in a book or educate himself on why people voted the way they did.

Very well thought out blog E. I have to admit that I was not an Obama supporter, but I don't neccessarily blame anybody for voting for him. That is what makes our country great. I feel comparing anyone to Bush is unfair. He has been a very bad example of conservative politics, and overempowering the government is what has gotten us into this mess. I believe that Obama and McCain both have great ideas, but neither have a firm grasp on how to carry them out. Quoting Obama "Spread the wealth around" is not the way to go, and neither is supporting monopolistic business. I own a small business that struggles to get by in an overly government regulated industry in a super high business taxed state. I don't think that it is going to work out for me after some of Obama's policies are instituted. I either will be forced to cut people's pay by over 25%, or quit business all together. More and more of my revenue has been taken from Bush and Gregiore in the last four years, and I have lost over 36% of my profit margin to new taxes and new regulations. I personally am an independant and I don't vote for any specific party. I vote for who will benefit me as a small business and therefore those who work for me. I am very nervous about the near future, and I hope that Obama will do what is best for our country. I just don't think we need to dump more support into a broken welfare system that encourages people not to work. If you work for a big company(over 75 employees) or don't work at all, Obama was the right choice. I would have voted for him if I did, but if you work for a small business, own a company, or are preparing for a start up, Obama was not the right choice. I am very apprehensive of Obama as our president, but as an American I support the democratic process no matter how much I disagree with the candidate. I don't want to seem nitpicky, but on the abortion thing, there are over 3,000 abortions a day in the United States. The US casualty count in Iraq as of yesterday is 4,019. Millions of babies are killed yearly in the US because people know that they need not be responsible for their actions sexually. Of the millions killed every year, how many future presidents have we killed? As we know now it is not impossible for a young black boy of a single mother to become president, so don't tell me that the aborted babies weren't fortunate enough to become president. I believe like you that people who voted in this election were not all well informed. I have personally followed this ever since the second term of Bush started, and I find myself to be more informed about this subject than a large portion of the population. On that note, the president only has as much power as the Congress gives him. What scares me that most is that there is an overwhelming majority of liberal power in both the Senate and the House. I don't know if you understand its magnitude, but there is no longer a chance for fluffed up bills and poor policies to be stopped in congress. The democratic majority has taken away the right of the independents to filibuster and we are headed into times that will show to have the fastes institution of new laws and policies no matter how much we disagree. Having a nearly equally divided Congress is what makes the important checks and balances of our country available to the American people. I hope you understand that this actually give President Obama more power than any president in the last 100 years. I don't think that is good, but I still pray everyday that he will make the right decisions. Too many people are treating Obama like Messiah, and that electing him will change all of their problems. It won't. We make our own paths. Obama may hinder them or help them, but, if we don't take our own action, he won't pay our mortgages or bills for us. We will always have to worry about that. (that lady's speach was such a load of crap) Bills are something we all struggle with. Rich and poor. The more money you have the bigger your bills are, and I struggle just as much to pay them as I did before I had a business. I hope that the American people learn to lean on themselves, and not look to the government to solve their problems. I am sick of poor me syndrome sweeping the nation. I just got back from a 10,000 mile road trip and I learned a lot about people around this great nation, and it is worse than I thought. A very wise man said many years ago," Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country!" An American killed that man, and I think we have lost the grasp of that statement as a country. We all make our own paths, and I don't think JFK meant that we should pay more taxes to spread the wealth around. He meant that we should take advantage of capitalism and use our lives to help others and our country alike. He said ask what we can do for our country not what we can do for our government. Government's job is to uphold the law and keep the rights of people in our country equal accross the board. I don't know who you voted for or why, but I completely support you decision. I love my country and I love that fact that we finally have shown that we aren't a racist nation of ingnorant, uneducated idiots. We need to rememeber that Barack Obama is only a man. Not black or white, not Christian or Muslim, not young or old, and not democrat or republican. He is an American, and I'm sure he will govern as he sees fit. Whether or not I agree or disagree is irrelivant. America has spoken. Eventhough I didn't vote for him, Barack Obama is our next president and we need to do our best to make our voices heard and support him in helping this great country move forward. I am sorry that you had to listen to someone get personal with you about politics. The foundation of America is being able to agree to disagree and live together in harmony. We can't just pick our friend according to political standing. That's just ignorant. Stay true to you and keep your real friend close and get rid of the idiots.