Monday, November 17, 2008

Holy crap! Im pissed. Bills just blew it! They were so so so so close! All they had to do was get in field goal range and kick it in!!!! Rian Lindell is on my shit list.


words words words said...

You should be pissed. But it's not Rian Lindell's fault. It's the fault of whoever calls the Bills' plays. Once they got to the 30, they just sat down and didn't even really try to advance the ball. First of all, they attempted the kick with :43 left, which is too much time. Second, they didn't really try for another first down, and sort of accepted the fate of attempting a 47-yard field goal, which is by no means a certain proposition. BAD COACHING.

~E said...

I was crossing my fingers that the kick would be good. Partially because the Browns scored a 56? yd. field goal prior to that and partially because I saw Lindell's practice kick from about that far and it was good.

I know it's not [all] his fault but Im pretty pissed off that my average is 8 and 6 now and I have no one else to blame.