Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm running out of ideas.

Because I have nothing else to write about and I'm still 7 days away from being able to take a bloggy day off (DAMN YOU NABLOPOMO...Damn you to HECK!)

Today's football games that I'm watching (well, actually tomorrow's games since I'm writing this tonight...or last night depending on when I post this...which could actually be a few days from now. I like to keep you guessing).

1) BUF Bills vs. KC Chiefs: Because I like the Bills, and Kansas City is playing so freaking horribly lately that they might actually have a chance. I'm watching you Lindell...I'm watching you!

2) NY Jets vs. TEN Titans: Because if the Jets win (which I'm crossing my fingers and all 13 toes that they will) then I'll be happy. And trust me, a happy E is almost as good as a nekkid E...Almost.

3) NY Giants vs. ARI Cardinals: I'm kinda hoping the Giants knock the Cardinals around a bit. But it doesn't matter who wins because even if they (either one) lose they'd still be Division leaders.

4) WAS Redskins vs. SEA Seahawks: *sigh* I'm a glutton for punishment. Especially after the Huskies bit it in the 2nd OT today.

I know the women (and wannabe women) readers of this delightful blog are getting tired of all the girl crushes and football crap I've been posting lately. So here is some eye candy. I have the stuff that keeps ya comin back don't I?!?!

CHANNING TATUM...oh drool!

And last but not least...Happy Sunday y'all! I'll be praying for your lost souls all day today. Well, maybe not all day. But at least 3.6 seconds of prayer for each of you...


Fancy Schmancy said...

Nothing says Sunday like football and a picture of an angry Jesus. Thanks!

words words words said...

I don't think anything after "nekkid E" really registered. But I do know that my entire football world collapsed today. Waaaah :(

~E said...

Fancy: you're welcome...but it's not an angry jesus. it's an almost ready to get drunk jesus.

WWW: Your entire football world?? WTH you were rooting for the Chiefs? Or wait, probably you meant the other teams that I wasn't following huh?

..:: C ::.. said...

Church.. Jesus was getting high yesterday. I am totally going to blog about the church experience yesterday, PB & I were dying and still laugh about it :)