Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Music Wednesday!

Ok, so technically it is now an hour into sue me! I was crazy busy all day and I do have a life outside of blogging!


Ok I lie...I don't have a life, but I WAS busy with work and a friends' b-day and such. Maybe if you're lucky I'll post a couple pics tomorrow of my lovely mugg and my equally lovely friends. IF you're lucky.

But for now, here's the music video of the day. And as always, I don't care if you've heard it's all new to me!



words words words said...

I like this, it's endearing. It sounds like a lot of things that suck, but it doesn't suck itself.

Also, Happy Birthday :)

~E said...

No silly!! Birthdays are for friends! (<--read, I wish it was my birthday but I have to wait another 4 months)

And I agree the song is awesome...but the video is even more awesome. Especially if you're high!

which I am not.