Friday, January 2, 2009

A Quicky Update and a Man Crush

...on this guy.

Or should I say BOY crush?

He's 16...

I'm going to hell.

On the upside, my holiday events went swimmingly well. Christmas was a bit tamer this year than most years, partially because I was sick sick SICK and couldn't really do much but complain and throwup, though not necessarily in that order. Plus, we were snowed in for days at a time and there can only be so much familial unity before the carnage begins. One good thing that happened, other than the presents (woohoo! free crap!) was my dad, in the quest to keep the family entertained, taught us how to play mah-jong. Apparently, I have a pretty wicked gambler side that has been hidden all these years and I CLEANED UP!!! Sure it was only pretty colored chips and not real money but it's the thought that counts.

On Tuesday (that would be the day before New Year's Eve) I hung out with a friend..."the Scandinavian God (TSG)" for those of you in the know. Cooked dinner (together), ate dinner (together), drank wine (together), listened to our playlists and critiqued each other's horrible/awesome musical tastes (together), baked homemade ice cream cake (me), played guitar (him), and pretty much just ushered in the the New Year a day early. The actual New Year's Eve was spent doing almost the same thing minus the ice cream cake and the guitar playing and adding in 7 more people. Quiet and just the way (uh huh uh huh) I liked it. Pretty decent way to kick off the next 365 days. Here's hoping that KARMA will finally reward me/cut me some slack for my partially sucky 2007 and my even suckier 2008.


The Unbearable Banishment said...

Lord! I know SO MANY people who were sick this holiday! It’s an epidemic. Hope you get well quick.

If you don't mind me saying, your boy crush looks just a wee bit on the girly side. Even his name, Taylor, is androgynous.

Chris said...

Despite being sick, it sounds like you had a very good New Years (and the days around it, ha ha).

Good lord look at that 8 pack of abs.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Sounds good..promising...ok. I hope you are feeling better. Football playoffs coming and all! Gotta get your game face on girl!!

BTW-hoe did your dad like the stocking full of goodies??

Sabrae Carter said...

lol! you aren't going to hell... jail maybe... but not hell! lol

~E said...

UB: Well of course he looks a bit girly...HES 16! Give him time to get over puberty.

Chris: Oh I am looking, Chris...I AM LOOKING!

Candy: Loved it!! I got him a bunch of random stuff that wouldn't fit into a stocking so he ended up with about 6 little gifts to open. Muchos gracias Chica!!!

Sabrae: Right, that's what I shoulda put down...jail. *sigh*

pistols at dawn said...

Gambling is always an acceptable way to spend family time. However, what's with all these dudes who go out of their way to play guitar for ladies? That seems so..."hey, look at me." Maybe that's just because everyone I know plays guitar, but none of them ever try to woo me with their playing.

Felisa said...

That IS a boy. A BOY!!! lol. 2 more years and you won't have to go to jail anymore. :P

I'm glad you stayed all cool and classy on New Year's Eve and really wish I could have said the same for myself... But I think I've had my year's share of partying. I'm just not sure if that should be my year's share of partying for 2008 or 2009 :P

~E said...

Felisa: I wish...he may be legal in two years but then he'd still be 10 years younger.

Pistols: Maybe you just need to convey the idea that you are "woo-able"