Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So the first thing I saw when I got home from a looong, boring, rainy (and I'm saying cats and dogs, and chickens, and cows here) day of work was a bunch of postcards in my mailbox!


First up is from the lovely Cora at Love Letters by Cora. Or I guess in this case its Postcards from Cora! And actually, I have seen parts of Washington like this. Mostly in and around Ocean Shores and Long Beach. You should totally drive out there and spend some time with someone special *hint hint hint*.

Next is this fancy shmancy picture postcard from...well, Fancy at Fancy Shmancy! Funny how that worked out huh? And yes, Ms. Fancy...the picture travelled very well. Nary a scratch or crease in it!
Speaking of someone special...or rather, Cora's someone special...this here is from Mr. Scope over yonder at Scope Tech. Yes Scope...I got it. :)
These last three are from my lovely bro-han in San Fran. He couldn't decide which postcard to send me, so he sent all three. Because he loves me like that. He got them all from his place of employ, California Academy of Sciences.

Thanks a bunch from everyone who sent them. Still looking forward to the rest whenever you guys decide to send (and no rush at all! I love getting surprised when I least expect it!)


Cora said...

Fancy made her own postcards?!?!

Crap. Now I feel like a slacker. Thanks a lot, Fance!!


sid said...

I'm still waiting for mine. Pick checking the mailbox!!! So excited.

Scope said...

Kind of an orange theme running through them. I like that.

Fancy Schmancy said...

So glad you got it, and it wasn't ruined! I wasn't sure how they'd turn out and was so worried about Washington rain! Now I have to send one to everyone I know! Cora, your's is on the way!

Felisa said...

This reminds me.... lol