Tuesday, May 19, 2009

VLOG 1: It's like crack!


Gratuitous boob shots, girlyness, blogger buddy shoutouts and a peek into all ~E's secrets.

Proceed with caution.

--The Management.


Cora said...

~E, you had me at gratuitous boob shots, but unfortunately my 'puter is being a stubborn jackass and won't play your video right now. Grrr. Perhaps it knows I'm supposed to be on the treadmill so it's doing this for my own good?....


I'm going to reboot and try it again later. *adopting bad Arnold impresonation* I'll be baaaack.

Cora said...

*adopting bad spelling too (I meant IMPERSONATION not impresonation... although impresonation does sound kinda fun... never mind)*

Scope said...

You are much smoother on these than I would be.

And the"oooops" moment with "stuff" was adorable.

And I posted your postcard today, too. Finally.

And yes, I watched the whole thing all the way thru. Since I did a video of myself doing the bag meme, why wouldn't I watch yours?

Dr Zibbs said...

How did I miss the whole postcard thing? Where should we send them?

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

You had me at boob shots.

words...words...words... said...

I'm famous!

Also, my stalkerish thing was way less stalkerish than yours. I'm just sayin.

Finally, did you buy that bag because it's big enough to hide in if you're being chased?

Nikki said...

That was so cute. You are so cute! Love your blog!

J.J. in L.A. said...

You are too funny! 'Sh!t' and 'crack', and a boob shot to boot! Hahaha!

Chris said...

I double dog dare you to use each of every one of those Coastal Scents in one application;)

HAHA HAHA at the swine flu pics.

We mailed your postcard and card today, we'll see which gets there first. Do you have any clue how hard it was to find a decent postcard around here? When you aren't look for them, they are everywhere. When you want one, they are no where.

Cora said...

~E, you are waaaayyyyy better at the whole video thing than I am. I attempted to do my purse meme on video too, but I was just a ROYAL DORK and gave up on it. So BRAVO to you!!!!

You're probably the only other person I know besides me who carries dental floss in her purse. I really think more people should too. I mean you never know, you know?

As for your coworker, what a f*ckwit! That hair cut is amazing (jeeeeeez, I wish my hair behaved like yours! Mine just does whatever it wants to. I have no control whatsoever!) and, as always, you are GORGEOUS!!!!


Cora said...

Hey, one more thing, what do you do for a living anyway? (Just bein' nosy.) ;-)

~E said...

Cora: I answered your question on your email...thanks...and you should totally try the vlog once more. I like watching people be royal dorks like me!

Scope: I think I did pretty good with just the one slip up. Usually I have a mouth dirty enough to rival any sailor (that's what she said) but I'm trying to cut down.

Dr. Z: yes, how did you? I sent the addy to your FB

Mjenks: I knew I would!

Words: whatevah! you liked it! The lips I mean, not the bag.

Nikki: Thanks!!! And welcome to my blog!

JJ: I like to give it my all...Im just magnanimous like that.

Chris: oh if only i had a face big enough (that's what she said). and I totally hear you. When I was scouting for postcards, I couldn't find any till I finally went to the Pike Place Market and bought them there. Then like 2 days later, I found a crapton of them at a drugstore 2 blocks from my house. Go figure.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I'm so proud of myself. I made it past the "gratuitous boob shots".

That was Some Pig. Positively Radiant.

Bryce said...
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Sassy Britches said...

You are too cute! I love it when you do these (I know this is technically the first, but the eye shadow one rocked!). And when you were all "it's a flashlight and flash drives--haha" I couldn't stop laughing!

NMOS said...

Seriously people, E did not buy that purse just for this blog. She's been lugging that "duffle bag" around for the longest time. I just saw her with it today, in fact. Among those items she mentioned in the vlog, she even pulled out a mini refrigerator to keep all her cosmetics cool in the heat, a foldable beach chair for whenever she wants to relax, and a Mini Cooper! Yeah, it's pretty big.

~E said...

Mjenks: GOOD JOB! so proud of you! Now you just have to make it 5 more steps and you can stop going to rehab!

Sassy: I managed to keep the amusement from that to a minimum...don't wanna be laughing at my self. Well, not too much

Nmos: THANK YOU!!! See people?!?! I didn't just switch up bags to be cool for the meme!