Monday, June 1, 2009

Update on the Great COSMO debate...

Video removed by blogger :)


Chemgeek said...

As a "little people," please remember me.

You are going places, girl. Places I'm not allowed. I'm happy for you. Very.

But, please...remember me! *fights back tears*

Felisa said...

WAIT... I haven't even been gone for a month and you're a celebrity now??

FOR ANYONE WHO MAY BE READING: I'm a little person* who knew E before she became a celebrity!!!

*Not as in of short stature but as in girl whose blog has never been featured in a magazine!

Just kidding. That's so exciting! Congratulations :) I wanna see the article!

sid said...

Ugh I can't view the video. Sent you the article. Once again congrats.