Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dumpy to Decent and a QUICK update!

Well... this week just hasn't been going too great. NOT great at ALL!

This weekend, I got sent to Portland, Oregon (about a 5 hour drive) to attend a symposium for my work. Not too horrible any other time except I completely missed out on SeaFair (including the Blue Angels whom I LOOOOOVE...for obvious and not so obvious reasons).

Wait, I lied. I didn't completely miss SeaFair...we caught the nasty ass traffic coming back home.

Then last night, Monday...on the way home from church...

(I decided to go to mass on monday since I missed it sunday)

(you'd think God would give me a break for being such a good girl...but NOOOO)

Anyway, on the way home from church...I ran over and completely decimated a poor little raccoon. Yeah...I KILLED an innocent animal. ON THE WAY HOME FROM FREAKING CHURCH! And the worst part of it all was I saw it's poor little wifey still on the sidewalk. And since I was staring at the wife racoon I completely missed the fact that the husband racoon was smack dab in the middle of the road until...


Didn't anybody tell those damn things that they are wearing concrete highway colored camo?!?! What the hell are they doin tryin to cross the street in the dark?????

I wanted to gag and cry...

Then this morning (probably because I was so upset about the murder I commited) I woke up late because I forgot to set my alarm. :(

Did I also mention that today was my last day at my lab?? Yeah, Im officially (kinda) unemployed now. And what better way to show up on my last day than unshowered and harried and completely lost and unfocused.

Whatever...at least I looked good.

Recreation of my morning for you all to follow.

(and yes, I did this whole thing in 11 minutes FLAT. From waking up to makeup to hair to throwin on some jeans and a shirt...whoever said you can't look gooorgeous in 10 minutes was lying to you!)

Im gonna go put on some sappy movies and go to bed.


Chemgeek said...

Don't fret about the raccoons. I almost got eaten alive (or so I imagined it could have come to that) by a dozen angry (I suppose) raccoons when I was camping last week.

Cora said...

I'm not making this up, I swear. My word verification is "angst" Doesn't that just say it all?!

I ran over a squirrel once and I cried my eyes out for days. I also ran over a bird once (it flew right under my tire). But worst of all was the time I ran over a cat. It ran out in front of my car and I slammed on my brakes, but it was too late. I killed it. Someone's pet cat. That was like 18 years ago and I still feel guilty!!

By the way, you are NEVER "dumpy", ~E. Never. Simply impossible. ((((HUGS))))

NMOS said...

First off.....keep your head up because things will get better sooner than you think. I definitely hate seeing you like this. It even gets me down. I hope you break out of this somber state soon.

Like I said yesterday, the raccoon incident was an accident. It's sad to say that although it's unfortunate, it does happen a lot. Small wild animals scurrying across the road in the dark frequently spells disaster for them.

And the Blue Angels @ Seafair weren't that spectacular this year. You can see the pics on my blog. But if you were in town, I would have taken you there to see them knowing that you love to watch them fly around. Next time.

Lastly, "encore" and "bravo" with the makeup video. That's awesome that even when you were pressed for time, you still thought to set up the cam, reenact the scene(s) and record for us to see it. See, now that's thoughtful!

Hope you're enjoying the movies. Have a good one. ;)

Scope said...

They sent you to a symposium days before letting you go? It that's how they manage their money, I can see why.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Oh, never mind.

~E said...

chemgeek: so...maybe I can look at it as retribution on my part for them almost eating you? nope, still don't feel good about it.

Cora: this was the first time I've commited man...i mean...racoon slaughter. I think I woulda slammed on the breaks and sobbed my face off had it been someones pet cat!

NMOS: hold your tongue! Blue Angels are ALWAYS awesome. ALWAYS! LOL

Scope: way too soon dude! way too soon! :(

J.J. in L.A. said...

I'm sorry you feel responsible for the raccoon's demise but it's not your fault. Sadly, it happens.

We have a LOT of chipmunks here, so we have to be careful when cruising down the lane.

SkylersDad said...

I absolutely LOVE SeaFair, it is the best show going. And the Blue Angels are simply the best.

Fancy Schmancy said...

You poor thing. What a week! sending hugs your way.

words...words...words... said...

Keep your head up! If they're sending you to a conference days before you're done, they obviously value what you do or they would just let you play out the string. So I'm sure someone else will snap you right up :)

And not everyone can look gorgeous after ten minutes. You just make it look easy.

The Unbearable Banishment said...

My brother ran over a cat while taking his driver's test when he was 17. For real. The instructor failed him.

Chris said...

Did you ever stop to think that maybe the raccoon deal was karma? Perhaps he was a rotten raccoon who beat said Ms. Raccoon and when he wasn't beating her or the kids, he was out raiding trash cans, sleeping with other female raccoons (and I heard an occasional possum), and giving nuns rabies. Yes, I think that raccoon had it coming to him.

Anonymous said...


Felisa said...
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Felisa said...

The music made the video! Haha
Poor little raccoon. It's okay though... at least you didn't run over a deer. This dude I was talking to had to bring it up the 2nd time we hung out and I get guilty as heck for even talking to a dude who probably killed Bambi's mom.

Sorry to hear about the lab but I do believe that one door closes, another one opens. Good luck job hunting! I'm doing the same thing...