Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cooking With E!


J.J. in L.A. said...

Don't you just hate interruptions??? Never fails!

And snacking while cooking, who doesn't? The look of slight panic on your face was cute, though. ; )

words...words...words... said...

I can't make the video play :(

However, I did know a guy who used to cook with E. They locked him up and threw away the key.

words...words...words... said...

Okay, got it to work. I must say, I'm impressed with your chopping skills...your hands were a blur! :p

This looks really healthy and good (except for the mushrooms, blech!) And anything that starts with sauteeing garlic and onions is going to smell tremendous :)

Scope said...

Stir fry looked good. Being lazy as carp, I tend to just do the pre-made shrimp one from Trader Joe's and add a stirfry sauce.

And ground red pepper.

And you are a good sister. If my school was a "2 minute" drive from the house, my sister would have told me "Your legs are broken. Walk."

Cora said...

Oh my gosh, for the first time in my life I actually enjoyed watching a cooking show!

I always wish I could stir fry, it's SOOOOOOOO delicious, but I don't have a big enough pan. *pout*

By the way, you're so stinkin' cute! It just needs to be said. :-)

NMOS said...

Hey. Finally, you posted a cooking video, especially with the amount of cooking you do. I loved it! Definitely do more of these. Maybe you can start your own food blog, like me (I haven't updated mine since Thanksgiving though). ;)

J.J. in L.A. said...
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Chris said...

YAY! E food blogs:)

I loved this video, not only because you were cooking but also the casual approach. I felt like I was sitting in your kitchen and chatting with you while you cooked.

Plus Alexis was laughing her ass off over your shirt, because she is "similarly endowed" and has literally stooped down in the middle of a conversation, waved and said, "Helllllooooo, my face is up here."

Pagina de facebook said...

Muy buenBLOG!♥