Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Such the candidate...

Ive been recently obsessed with a few shows from TLC. Namely Jon and Kate plus 8 and What Not to Wear. Now seeing as how it would be difficult for me to join the Gosselin family (not that they'd want another 3 year old like me anyway) I figured I would make a GREAT candidate for what not to wear.

Why? Because I dress badly and Im totally ok with spending $5000 of someone else's money and giving other people complete control of how I look. Partly because I recognize that I have no style whatsoever and partly because the "after" of the before and afters that they show always always look so much better than the before. They know what they are doing.

So what made me think of this? Well, I have been shopping on and off the last few months for dresses/outfits to wear to a couple of my friend's weddings in August and I HATE IT! I cannot find a damn single dress that fits both my upper and lower halves perfectly and now that Ive lost a crapload of weight everywhere else except for my "twins" area it has gotten so much harder still. Plus I look at my closet everytime I go out on a date or go out with my friends and all my clothes look the same. It's not a good thing to be stuck in a rut at 26.

If anyone out there want to nominate me for WNtW then please I beg off you...DO IT! LOL

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Sugarbutt said...

Yeah, I wanna be nominated, too. But they have to let me keep my cowboy hats and boots :) It'd be so hard because I just like to wear what makes me feel comfortable even if it doesn't necessarily look "fashionable". Plus they can be really mean sometimes, too.