Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Stuff...

New songs that Im currently into:
-It's you (I think) by "Substantial"
-My favorite things by "Substantial"

Ive had the best 2 months so far this year. I feel as if Ive found myself again and Im really really super happy with myself. Ok edit that: Im pretty happy with my inner self and mental and emotional state. The external stuff and environment stuff still needs a little help but Im working on it.

As far as relationships go, so far Its like November all over again but I think its better. I found my friend again after some very messed up issues between us and I think our friendly relationship has the capacity to be better now than before. There is the fact that all the issues are on the table and there is no hiding anything anymore. I know all the bad and though it has led me to be slightly jaded and less trusting of people in general, I think it is making our friendship stronger for the fact that I still like him (as a friend) thru all that. After all the definition of friendship is "when someone knows all about you and has the tenacity to like you anyway". I am not under the delusion that we will be "together" again or that we are "together" now but I am prepared for any and all consequences of my actions thereof. Fate, Faith, and Karma have been taking care of me thus far when it comes to my "relationships" and Im willing to let it hold me for as long as possible. Whatever happens will be what needs to happen. And sometimes contentment and happiness is really just letting life continue without worrying about all the specifics.

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