Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sunshine and an Iced Mocha makes an interesting day...

~Unfamiliarity is the initial step in the long process of creating a relationship. It is somebody you never knew that at long last through the process of knowing each other that becomes a friend~

Did anyone else notice the gorgeous sunshine today? I know I did! Im glad summer has finally FINALLY decided to grace us with it's prescence...I was starting to grow mold! The only thing that annoyed me all day were the random people I saw at work complaining at how hot it was. *sigh* Ten to one in another few months those same people will be complaining at how gray and rainy Seattle is. Oh well, forget them!

I met up with a new friend today for coffee at my not so local Starbucks. Never did I think I'd see the day when I become one of those people who schedule coffee dates LOL. Anyway, this person found me on Facebook a couple weeks ago (I still have yet to ask him how) and we got to e-mailing a few times. He wanted to meet up for drinks but since I didnt know this person from Adam I told him that Ill just meet him for coffee. It's a good out right? It's not dinner, not a date...and if it turns out that the person is a weird psycho stalker guy from one of those horror stories you read about meeting people online, you just have to smile and nod for an hour and chug your coffee (in the daytime) and that's that. Plus I did it on my lunch break from work so I really did only have an hour to spare. Guilt free and not lying :) And "S" if you're reading ya know! :)

Turned out he was a pretty cool guy. Fairly normal, just enough quirks to be interesting. AND he feels the same way I do about camping!!! Brownie Points! So congratulations E for stepping out of your comfort zone. Courage for an unfamiliar situation + a lovely iced mocha on an equally lovely sunny day = interesting conversation and maybe a new friend!

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