Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Quick Update and Haphazard Thoughts...

-I ran today, well more like I speed walked...just a couple miles, but since the last time I ran (oh, about 6 days ago) I've been ultra cautious. I barely even broke 3 miles that day and I woke up with a swollen knee again the next morning. Baby steps E...Baby steps. So far so good...

-Saw Wanted with Jay. He was in town for work and personal stuff. If any of you liked The Matrix or The Bourne Trilogies, then I strongly suggest going to see this movie. It's the wicked story line of Bourne coupled with Matrix worthy special effects...especially one scene about 15 minutes into the movie involving a red sports car and an interesting way to enter it *shivers* whew!!! Im still geeking-out about it! :P Got a little tanning in, a little exercise, sun and fun with friends...all in all a good way to spend the day.

-May not be able to go to Vancouver for a friend's bachelorette this month. Despite my usual tenacity in preplanning stuff and being organized, I neglected to check on my passport till a couple nights ago. Aparently it expired on my birthday. More bad luck = not being a US citizen so I have to send my stuff to San Francisco and the Philippine Embassy there along with a hefty $200 fee and a 2-4 week wait time. I checked to see if I could use just my permanent resident card and although that is proof enough to get back INTO the US from Canada, the Canadian Embassy "strongly suggests" I have a valid passport as well in order to enter it. I would just cross my fingers and head off to our northern neighbors with a green card and prayers but I'm too much of a wussy to risk being stuck at the border. I guess it's all a waiting game now.

-More fun coming this 4th of July weekend. Being out on the water...hopefully getting a little bit more of a tan to counteract my pasty-ness (for a filipina chick I've always been unusually pale). Last year we spent the independence day in the Philippines on vacation so needless to say there wasn't very much celebrating going on. Ok...there was NO celebrating going on. As far as people over there were concerned it was just another Tuesday. The American cousins and I were wishing each other a Happy 4th while our Filipino cousins were left to ponder whether they missed someone's birthday or anniversary. Fun stuff ;) Though to be honest with you if I had a choice Id rather spend my 4th back on Boracay beach, snorkeling with the fishes.

~Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under the trees on a summer's day, listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time~ -- John Lubbock

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