Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Friends and Sympathy go hand in hand...

I dont really feel like going into too much detail, but let's just say having sypathetic awesome friends really make a tough situation easier to handle.

Off I go to face my fears, and face the sadness...into His hands I entrust my soul.


Its hot here...but not the kind of hot that makes you happy the sun is out. Its the kind of hot that makes you wish for winter. Its the kind of sunshiney day that belies the gravity and sadness of the reason Im here to begin with. I hear that thunderstorms and rain are in the forecast for tomorrow. Its more in keeping with the occasion.


It is gloomy and overcast, but still sticky hot. Behind the clouds you can see the sun trying valiantly to peek thru...it matches my mood. Im trying to be bubbly and strong but my efforts don't have my usual will behind them. Did anyone else remember the 3 hour time difference? Because I sure didn't. Its become a strategy for me...instead of thinking about stuff, I focus on keeping my eyes open and answering questions when they are asked.

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