Thursday, July 24, 2008

It was a very Guns and Ammo kind of day...

Remember a few posts ago when I said I had a checklist of stuff I wanted to do before I died? Well, consider this item checked off! It was my first time ever shooting a gun and I guess it was "go big or go home"! I started off with a huge M4 and finished off with a slightly less huge but a lot heavier AK47. Basically my coworker John has been talking about taking me to shoot some guns because according to him Im too girly. And it just so happens that one of my best friends Amanda is an avid shooter. I mean she's got those paper targets hung up in her apartment and I really wanted to try it out but I have just been too busy. Well, John got a new job and will be leaving for a 6 month contract on a cruise ship (to the bahamas the lucky b*st*rd) on Sunday so it was now or never. Just so happens I had a short day today so he picked me up and we drove up to Snoqualmie to an abandoned rock quarry and we shot some guns. I even loaded my own magazines! :) the pics and vids are either on my MySpace and Facebook. I didnt realize how heavy and awkward those things were untill I tried to 1) hold them upright, which I couldn't...2) cock the guns and/or push the bolt release on the M4 which I also couldn't...3) aim it without dropping it or kicking back so hard I ended up on my butt. I ended up taking a knee on almost all my shots. But it was definitely an experience and Im glad I did it, despite the nasty bruise developing on my shoulder as I type.

After we finished off the rounds, we stopped at North Bend to eat dinner and then went home.

A great day over all even though it was kinda overcast and cold up in the mountains. Definitely something Id like to try again. Maybe with a smaller gun next time, I nice little pistol or a pea shooter maybe hahaha.

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Amanda said...

I have a newfound amusement after seeing the video!! Holy crap, I'm glad we're not under attack here in the states because you my friend would be not doing so well. First of all, don't let go!!! Second, by the time you finally shoot one round, the enemy has gained about 50 yards on you and has probably peppered you with about 20 rounds. When all hell breaks loose, I'm sticking you in a hole and leaving you there. Okay, can shoot, but I'm giving you a .22 to use instead. :) When I get my mossberg, you wanna come with me to the range?