Sunday, July 20, 2008

Kinda makes me want to get married...

...but not really! :) If I could just have the bachelorette, then the wedding, then the reception, without the planning and the husband after that would be great!

No seriously, we had a great weekend celebrating Rena's last weeks as a single chica! We met up at Kate's house saturday to prefunk and play party games and to get ready to go out. I've been sworn to secrecy when it comes to exactly what happened and who was there and although I have the pictures to prove it, most are set to private LOL. Let's just say we had LOTS of fun at Katie's. Then we all squeezed into cars to attend a show at the Can Can Cabaret in Pike Place. And can I just say Ive always liked how *certain* guys look in boxer briefs and a sailor hat but the dancer I've christened "yummy bald dude" was really something else...Im still smiling about it ;)

After the show everyone kinda filtered out and went home and I woke up this morning still pleasantly tipsy!

Now Im off to bed and to rest my poor gams who suffered thru clanking around all day yesterday in 4inch stilettos! Night all!

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