Thursday, October 16, 2008

Non Blog...

I wanna be in love again darnit!!!

But guys (especially the one who unknowingly keeps pick-pick-pickin away at me) are such dillholes! MEN! Can't love em, can't get away with shootin em'.

[except of course for Mr. Anderson-I-presume...he gets it! Darn those dillholey girls too, huh C?! Bring me back a large alcoholic beverage from Vegas will ya? Put it in your carry on.]


There's no blog here. In fact, this is probably just a result of insomnia (it's 3am...who's surprised?? no one?? me neither!) and pms and I'll probably just end up taking this down in a few days anyway.

Do me a favor? If you read this (does anyone actually read this?) take some time off of your undoubtedly busy and rewarding lives to send me some love? Text, email, blog comment, note rubberbanded to a brick thrown thru my bedroom window? S'all good. Your kindheartedness will definitely be rewarded in heaven (or hell, depending on the kind of love you send me).

On and another thing.

I love this song:

And this one: And yes, before you ask, I DO understand the song.

They're so hot and heavy...totally what I'd listen to while...well, ya know...procreating (in a dirty manner of course...none of that nandy-panby tears in your eyes because it was all so beautiful crap) with that special someone.

Is that weird?

Ok I'm done.


Michael said...

Great non-blog. I'm sure u will find what u are looking for. Ha ha. I am actually writing this from my hotel room at the Venetian in Vegas. Who smuggles drinks in their carry-ons anyway? I love music. Nice to see someone open to enjoy any style, but listening to those songs during.. you know.. would certainly be interesting, and definately somewhat CraZy! First one kinda gives you that sexy, white-trash feeling. Strangely erotic. LOL! Just checked out your blog on the link in my inbox. U truly are unique. I will definately be back to check it out again. Just keep on keepin' on as you, yourself, and E.


~E said... white trash! everything we all aspire to be!