Saturday, October 18, 2008

Stuff I now know, that I had not known before...Pt. 1

~Bourbon is Whiskey...except that it's charcoal filtered. Which apparently makes it better? Correct me please all you bourbon/whiskey drinkers. Does this mean I have no liquor sophistication because I don't like the taste of backyard grill in my drinks? Also, I hear that Scotch is also Whiskey except it's from Scotland.

~Apparently, in the movie "Some like it Hot!" (it's from the 50's) Marilyn Monroe is pushing a size 14! She still looks damn hot! And that famous white dress in "The 7 Year Itch"?? Size 10! Gives hope to all us full figured, non-stick thin girlies :) Now if I can only get away with the blonde hair I'll be good to go.

~Driving home from church today I see this on a sign at a dry cleaners: "Now till November, all wedding dressdrapes 50 percen toff". It's sad when disillusioned former brides have to pull a reverse Scarlett O'hara ala. Gone With the Wind and make drapes out of their wedding dresses. *shakes head*. Also reminds us that when it comes to public displays and signs, spacing is KEY!

~True story: 9 out of 10 men agree, if they were to wake up one day as a woman...they would never leave the house. Not out of embarassment or shock...but because they'd strip naked and stare at their boobs in front of the mirror all day. What happened to the 10th man? Gender reassignment.


Dr Zibbs said...

Go to the JAck Daniels website and you can learn all about charcoal filtering.

words words words said...

Bourbon is like whiskey for the most part, but legally a liquor cannot be called "bourbon" unless it is distilled in the state of Kentucky. I love bourbon and whiskey, especially Irish whiskey.

Scotch is sort of like whiskey but has a flavor redolent of peat. It's much smokier, and to my taste MUCH more gross. In other countries, Scotch is just called whiskey, but I'm glad it's not the same here in the USA, because Scotch is gross and whiskey rules.