Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I feel a hibernation comin on!

Every once in a while, let's say about every other month, I get this burned out feeling in my soul. Everything annoys me and I don't want to talk to anyone or answer calls or take part in the wonderfullness that is my life. It usually lasts about 3 or 4 days (or more) and is preceded and accompanied by sleeping early and sleeping in, ingesting every edible morsel of food in my house, and generally not caring very much if the house becomes engulfed in flames and I die a slow terrible death inside it. And no, before you ask...this has nothing to do with my Aunt Flo.

That said...I feel another one coming on. And in preparation (and because I did not foresee this coming before I agreed to the whole NabloPoMo thing) I will and or have asked a few of my favorite bloggers to come do guest blogs. If they agree then I'm still in the running for 30 posts straight. If they don't then I could really care less. Such is the beauty of's always a win/who cares if I lose situation. And that is almost as good as win/win.

Some people I plan on asking to guest blog:

Mr. A at Life on the Crawl

Nerick at I am Nerick

Some Guy at Some Guy's Blog

Dr. Zibbs at That Blue Yak (yeah, that's that shit!)

WWW at Untitled Blogger Project

And I've got a couple good ones saved up in case 3 or more of those dudes laugh in my proverbial face and say "shove off E!"

And incidentally, if you are on the list and want to save me 30 seconds of work (each) then just go ahead and say "yay" or "nay" in my comments. HINT HINT: great way to go green and recycle some of your old posts!!! And if you're reading this and aren't on the list (I didn't forget about you...I just thought maybe you were too busy and all), but still want to go ahead and write me up a post then say so! I'll accept anything. Monkeys on typewriters even.


words words words said...

Yes! I've never been a guest star :)

Some Guy said...

I'm not going to laugh in your face, but I am gonna give you a dose of tough love. Now suck it up, young lady! No one ever said blogging was going to be easy. It takes guts. It takes fortitude. Now get yourself together and post, dammit, POST!

..:: C ::.. said...

You already know my answer...

~E said...

WWW--THANKS!! Now get those keys a-clickin because you're up first. Not exactly sure how this works but I think you just send me your post and I postdate it or something

C--Yeah I knew you'd say yes, but I thought Id be all formal and ask anyway

SG--How did I know you were gonna give me grief? I dedicate my first readymade post in your honor. muhahaha

Felisa said...

You get those moments too? And they have nothing to do with Aunt Flo? I'm relieved. All of a sudden, I feel normal!

No one ever said blogging was easy... that's why I'm not doing NaBloPoMo. I couldn't even keep up with self-imposed 7-day blogathon. A month would be torturous. Good luck with nablopomo! (damnit, I have to keep going back to remember that word. For some reason, I keep thinking its naplobomo)

~E said...

Felisa--depends on what you consider normal I guess...I've been told Im far from normal as far as girls go. But who wants to be normal anyway?? Quirky is less boring! ;)

words words words said... do we get our pieces to you?

P.S. Brett Favre sucks.

~E said...!

I got some ready to go in just the nick o'time...