Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm still in the Running DAMMIT!!!

It's 12:02 and I almost forgot to blog about some random crap that happened to me that no one really cares about yesterday (slash today) 11/08 for that damn Month of Posting that's causing me so much stress. ALMOST!!!

Here you go you gruby blog readers! Yet another post for the men folk.

I have another girl crush:


But only from Good Luck Chuck...not any other movie. Probably because she got to dance the horizontal mambo with Mr. Hotty McGorgeous -->


Pardon me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard.

For staring at Dane of course. Not Jessica Alba. Cuz Dimes don't swing that way. :)


words words words said...

Oh, no. Oh nononononono. You were thisclose to being deemed cool. And then you had to go and blow it all to hell by declaring a crush on The Unfunniest Man On Earth, aka Dane Cook. I weep for what might have been.

~E said...

Excuse me while I weep uncontrollably!


But hey, at least Im still purty!

words words words said...

Excuse me. But in reference to your comment, my excuse is that *I* am purty, too. So there. :p

words words words said...

Next time you're in Vancouver, have a latte at Caffe Artigiano. There are several locations, but the best one is the original downtown at Hornby and Robson. They're like velvet.

Matt said...

Jessica Alba...yes please.

you can keep dane cook.

~E said...

GOOD!! Cuz I wasnt gonna give him to you anyway!



Matt said...

You can have him.

He's really not that funny.