Sunday, November 16, 2008

Not for the girls...unless you're like me.

Goshdarnit!!! I rue the day when evil co-worker Josh finally taught me how the hell they score the game and what "downs" meant and how cool it is to watch people running around tackling each other. I used to be immune to all that but now I check the scores with an NFL app...on my phone...ON MY PHONE!!!

I may as well grow a peepee and facial hair!

Whatevah whatevah! I do what I want!!!! (<<---You see what I did there?? South Park Reference! Football AND Southpark?!?! How the hell am I still single?!?)

Anyway, back to Football.

Not sure what games I'll be able to catch today (what with church and family and life obligations like sleeping and eating and such) but here's a list of the games I'm paying attention to. And by "paying attention to" I mean "I have bets going on":

--BAL Ravens vs. NY Giants
both leading their divisions right now, crossing my fingers that the Giants will win
--CHI Bears vs. GB Packers
for the NFC North...rooting for the Bears because as we all know I'm loyal to Favre and the Packers booted him out
--ARI Cardinals vs. SEA Seahawks
because I'm from Seattle so I have to vote for the home team...I'm offering up a prayer in church for the Seahawks cuz I'm really liking my 70% win average!!!
--TEN Titans vs. JAC Jaguars
because who isn't waiting to see if the Titans will finally lose?!?

And of course the CLE Browns vs. the BUF Bills tomorrow night. Woohoo!


Other than the whole God and Church and stuff of course

*nervously expecting to be struck dead*


The Unbearable Banishment said...

Keep your eye on my Giants. Early in the game and they look like they’re in complete control.

Love the Bear/Packs game. It’s a rivalry as old as football itself.

Titans 9-0 is a FLUKE!

Ah. My Gints (sic) just scored. See you in February!!!

words words words said...

If you want to sound like you have been a fan for a while, never say that you "vote" for a team. Seeing you say that just gave me some extra material for a post I'm working on ;)

Also, please never root for the Giants. Ever. THX.

~E said...

but that's my point...I've only been a fan for like a month. So Im excused.