Saturday, December 20, 2008

Oh my poor Seahawks!

Holmgren's last game is on Sunday, so today Hasselbeck presented him with an award that has previously only been given to players in its 20? year history (don't ask me what the award's name is, I forget). And I don't know why but for some reason the 'Hawks are favored to win in Sunday's game against the Jets.

Some of the reason's I've heard:
-it's the coach's last game, plus it's at home
-Favre is old and the cold is probably making his arthritis act up (I smacked the guy who said that...I love Favre, aged or not!)
-we've poisoned the water in the Jets' locker room.
-we've disabled the engine in the plane the Jets' are taking here.
-we've replaced the Seahawks defensive line with the latest innovation in cyborg technology
-shh, don't tell anyone but we've put an invisible force field along the Jets' endzone
-game? what game? it's snowing! they're playing a game?

Of course I'll be rooting for the Seahawks even though I also like the Jets. Notice how none of the reasons were "because the Seahawks are playing really well and will beat the Jets on merit alone". Yeah...I wouldn't have bought it either.

I kinda wish I had my Christmas present early for all the game watching fun. I already know what my parents got me (since I asked for it, went to the store, tried it on to get the size right and promptly told my brother to tell my mom where and when to get it). For those of you who are curious, they are two Seahawk's Jerseys...a #51 Tatupu and a #8 Hasselbeck. And in case you are click-lazy, yes they are official (premier replica, cuz I can't justify spending $300 on one authentic jersey that won't fit me, much less two), no they are not pink or girly, and yes WordsWordsWords, I was thinking of you when I picked them out!

Go 'Hawks!!! I'm praying...I mean ROOTING for you!


That damn expat said...

I'm giving you permission to poison their food with hydrotetraomnicubicxylonano

ipv6 said...

grow-up n get a life will ya?;p

The Unbearable Banishment said...

My Jets and Giants seem to have peaked a bit too early in the season. Their last two games did not go well. Yes, the Jets won last week against the Bills but, let’s face it, it was a fluke. For your beloved ‘Hawks, I’m afraid it’s wait ‘till next year time.

P.S. Yea, I don’t understand why they’re favored this week either. It makes no sense, but those guys creating the point spreads know what they’re doing, so I'm worried.

Chris said...

Go Seahawks!

There, I did my part. I like the Jags but they haven't given us a lot to cheer about this year, so that "go Seahawks" was a lot of effort on my part:)

words words words said...

I'm glad your Seahawks won. I always enjoy watching Brett Favre go down in flames.

I had a crappy football day though. My Eagles missed their shot at the playoffs by SIX INCHES and I lost the championship game of my fantasy football league by the slimmest of margins. AAAAUUUGGGHHH!

I'm glad that maybe I influenced your jersey purchase decision :)

..:: C ::.. said...

I was there. It was cold. It was fun. And the award was the Steve Largent award.