Sunday, December 28, 2008

Post Chrismassy bloginess PTII

One of the funnier Christmas Presents I got this year was from my buddy NMos. He wrote me a poem and it's hilarious!

The "E" According to "N"

There once was a beauty named E
Who was the only girl out of three
She can fire a big gun,
If she's mad you betta run,
Cause its hard to stop this busy lil bee.

She was born in the beautiful Philippines
But was transplanted to Seattle it seems.
She's very down to earth
Has been cute since birth
And is comfy in just tshirt and jeans.
She smells as good as she looks.
And likes to read Sandra Brown books.
She loves to shop at Sephora,
I think you would adore her,
For she even bakes and she cooks.

In her free time she writes up blogs,
And also loves Yorkshire Terrier dogs.
Her two lil bros,
Are Robs and Joe,
And only on her home treadmill she jogs.

Her Choco-Kahlua cake is the best,
Truly better than all the rest.
If you joke 'bout her food,
She'd think that'd be rude,
And would probably say, "Surely you jest"

She sports a sexy tattoo,
And jokes about all things taboo.
She can take out many drinks,
In just a couple winks,
And you'd better believe it's all true.

You'll catch her watching football on the tube,
She'll even discuss it like she's a dude.
She'll place her loot,
On the QB that's cute,
Team spirit is what she'll exude.

She can talk about any electronic device,
From cellphones to optical mice.
Not the typical girlee
And immediately you'll agree,
You've never seen a techy look this nice

It is best that one should mention
That particular topics may create some tension.
I admit that the E
Is somewhat a mystery
But thru it all she still has my attention.

Other than that, my most favorite things I got this year:

1) Football Jerseys

2) 750GB Hardrive (to store all my pirated movies, songs, and ebooks of course)

3) A star named after me! Ok well this wasn't really a gift this year but two years ago my best buddy Bob had a star named after me and it's still one of the coolest things I've ever gotten from anyone...unless of course you count "life" for which I will always thank my mother all her 23 hours of labor for.... You can find it at Aries RA 2h 52m 37s D 26 51'. If you're smart enough to look that up and find out what it's called, then I guess you deserve to know my real first name. Bob has since passed away (very very very recently) but I am reminded of him everytime I see that framed certificate hanging on my wall. I don't mean to be mushy here but I really do hope that he's up in heaven, residing on my star...looking out for me.

Bob, Me, and our friend Jay.

R.I.P. Robert Day III, December 3rd, 2008

P.S. Sorry if I brought anyone down, but I figured if I snuck it in at the end, no one would really notice.


Anonymous said...

sorry about your friend. a star was a wonderful present

Anonymous said...

How come no one ever writes ME a poem? lol. I love this part:
"She'll place her loot,
On the QB that's cute"
Because that's what my brother thinks I do :P

I'm sorry about you friend. That sounds like an awesome gift though.

Chris said...

First of all, sorry about your loss.

That was a very cool gift from your friend. Those kind of gifts always are the most appreciated.

Kate said...

My God, what happened?!! I didn't even know he was sick!

Fancy Schmancy said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm so glad you have something from him that will always make you think of him fondly!

Also, your brother rocks!