Monday, December 1, 2008

A really boring pet story.

I was just reading my blogroll and Dr. Zibbs over at That Blue Yak posted a picture and story about his dog.

I'm bored enough and have time enough to kill, so I thought I'd follow his example and post a story of my own.

Here goes:

I lived with a boyfriend about 3 years ago. He didn't have any pets when I moved in (well, except for a cat he inherited from a friend but it ran away about a week before I got there) because he was in the Army and didn't have anyone to take care of pets when he was gone on missions and stuff. Since I had moved in he figured it would be ok to get a pet since I would be home to take care of it when he was gone. I love dogs and have had them growing up so I said sure! That was just domestic enough for me but here's the catch...I've had dogs but always medium sized ones. 25lbs or less...scottie-poo's, shiba-inu's etc. It just so happens that he had a friend who was going to be moving away and wanted to know if he wanted to adopt the dog. He said yeah and I went with him to pick it up.

I was expecting a nice little apartment sized dog with nice little apartment sized poops (since I would be handling it when he wasn't around). What greeted me instead was this:

A 125lb American Pit Bulldog. Who was about 5 1/2 feet long stretched out. And her name was Bo.

(I realize that the picture above is a boy dog...I couldn't find a pic of Bo so had to google one. Except for the peepee that's exactly what she looked like.)

Now to the average person (and by person I mean man) that wouldn't be so bad. My bf was 6ft...about 200lbs. So he saw no problem whatsoever with bringing the "puppy" home. She may have looked like a killer dog but really she was very very sweet and loving. Or so he told me.

The problem was this. I'm 5ft tall...about 113lbs on a good day. And I would have to be responsible for all dog walking duties when he was gone. 2 weekends out of every month.


But I was a trooper and said nothing. If he didn't see a problem then by golly I wasn't about to nag him and make one. Besides she really was very loving and obedient and I adored her after a while. She would follow me around like a shadow when I was cleaning and would let me pile dirty clothes on her so she can walk them to the laudry for me, she'd cuddle me on the couch when watching TV...and I found it hilarious when people would cross the street to avoid walking next to her when we went out for our nightly walks around the neighborhood.

So a few weeks passed by and my bf had to leave for the weekend. I had never walked her by myself but since I always went with him when he did, I didn't think there would be any issues. That first night went off without a hitch. I walked her, and she peed and pooped like a good dog and she even cuddled with me in bed. All love and warm fuzzy feelings.

Then the next night happened.

I figured since the previous night had gone so well that I would take her for a longer walk around a high school that we lived next to. This high school was situated on a large hill and we made it all around the school and was about to start walking down the hill towards home when I found out two very very important things about Bo that somehow my bf had neglected to mention:

1) Bo loved to chase squirrels


2) When Bo was chasing squirrels, no amount of screaming stop or calling her name or a 113lb girl tugging on her leash will make her stop.


That said, she spotted a squirrell running across the street about halfway down the hill from us and took off running. I had the leash looped around my hand so had no choice but to follow her. And by follow I mean run like hell to avoid being dragged.

That worked for maybe 10 steps. Ten terrorizing steps punctuated by screams of "stop BO" and "Holy F*king Shit" before I bellyflopped onto grass (thank God) and ended up being dragged 3/4 down the hill. To Bo's defense she was only doing what she was born to do...and If I had to judge by the speed at which she was hauling ass, I honestly don't think she even noticed my weight on her leash. I finally managed to undo the loop from my hand and I screeched to a halt just as one of my neighbors popped out of his house ( I guess he heard me cussing my way down the slope) in time to grab Bo.

I finally made my way down to them and the neighbor offered to walk her with me the rest of the way. I told him thanks but no thanks and walked her by myself the short distance home. When we got there, my bf was sitting on the couch watching TV...I guess they were allowed to come home a day early and had just gotten back about a minute after I left to walk the dog. He said he saw us walking up the hill and decided to let me do it by myself because I looked like I was enjoying it.



That damn expat said...

Did you ever walk her again after that?

The Unbearable Banishment said...

What is it with pit bulls? What’s the attraction? What message is the owner trying to send? I’m tough like this dog? I don’t get it. Please enlighten me. I would never have a pet that could overpower me or cause harm to someone else.

Fancy Schmancy said...

My dog thinks she's a pit bull, but thank gog she's only 25 pounds - far more controllable when she's chasing things.

Gwen said...

You should rename this "A really funny pet story" because I am LMAO over here! Did he see you get dragged?

words words words said...

So which one did you throw out first?

Dr Zibbs said...


~E said...

Expat: Yeah, I had to. But I never walked her up that hill again.

UB: She wasn't a pitbull, she was a pit bulldog cross and she was very obedient most of the time. And in any case it's all in how you train the dogs in my oppinion. If you train them not to harm people they wont. Other than that, I don't know why ppl would get dogs they can't handle.

Fancy: I would imagine so. Bo outweighed me by 12 pounds, all muscle. Really there was no question as to who would win our particular tug of war.

Gwen: Glad you find it amusing haha. And no, by the time we made it around the block (about 20mins), he was already nice and cozy in front of the TV

WWW: by which one I assume you mean the dog or the guy? LOL...the guy. I wanted to keep the dog hahaha.

Dr. Zibbs: better than your story I think?