Monday, December 1, 2008

oooh, I got too flustered!

Apparently, I was supposed to work for the award! Oops! I got so flustered at receiving one that I forgot to read the fine print. ALWAYS read the fine print! Lesson learned.

Here is my list of 5 things I find fantabulous!

1) Sephora: Why? Because I feel pretty. Oh so pretty. I feel pretty and witty and gay! When I visit that store.

2) The internet: C'mon! Who doesn't find the internet fantabulous? Where else can you find dating tips, friends, encyclopedias, videos, music and porn all in one place?!?

3) Bikes: not the *tweet tweet* ribbons on the handlebars ones. The *vroom vroom* pop a wheelie in the freeway doing 70mph ones! I got hooked on them when I was dating a dude with an R1 (coincidentally his name was Harley...go figure) and now that I think of it, my best buddy Mr. A has the exact same one!

4) My cellphone: because I can text, talk, watch tv, listen to music, browse #2 fantabulous listee the internet, IM, check email, blog, and play catch with it. Plus, it's a nifty green color!

5) Clothes: because without them we would be naked.

Ok...I read the rules a little bit more thorougly, and I guess I'm supposed to give out 5 awards to my favorite bloggers too. Kinda cheapens it a little huh?

My pick of the "bees-knees" bloggers:

1) Mr. A at Life on the Crawl.
3) The Poobomber at The Other Side of Normal
4) Jen at Cake Wrecks
and only last because I wasn't allowed to pick anymore...but definitely not least
5) Pistols at Dawn from Save Your Generation
Now this is in no way shape or form the complete list. For my favorite blogs all you need do is look at that nifty little blogroll on my page. But since you made me pick just 5, I picked the 5 that I've been reading the longest or made me laugh today or commented on me recently. Yes, it's all about me and the world should (if it doesn't already) revolve around moi.


That damn expat said...

Wow you are fast!
It's a good list too, especially the Sephora part.

The Unbearable Banishment said...

Re : The award. You don’t get somethin’ for nuthin’! And congrats.

You quote West Side Story! Clever girl.

I don’t recall having a life prior to the internet being invented. Do you?

sid said...

I like your phone. It's amazing. All I use my phone for is sending text messages and calling ppl. It's very difficult to blog on my phone.

Matt said...

You should have known.

Awards just dont come out of thin air. You have to work for them.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Niiiiice stuff! Yup, we could definitely hang and never be bored!

My vord veri is residat. Is that a sign that we could live together too??

..:: C ::.. said...

Now now, if my R-1 ever has that much chrome I'd like to be de-nutted. Preferably with a rusty pair of scissors? :)

..:: C ::.. said...

Wow, you even made it so you don't have to approve comments anymore.. Big changes.. Impressive!

Fancy Schmancy said...

But of course the world revolves around you, should it be any other way?

Poobomber said...

Finding dating tips AND porn at the same time is not always recommended.

I got these two things mixed up once and fist I complimented my date on how nice her vagina smelled (oops, before supper even), then later asked her if she had any unfulfilled dreams that involved groups of blindfolded men with dildos.

It's too easy to mix that kind of stuff up.

~E said...

Expat: I strive to be quick! It's a trademark of mine

Unbearable: thanks! And I don't remember much from my childhood but I do remember checking email when I was 12...

Sid: did I mention that it also pleasures me sexually? No? Oh, musta been wishful thinking on my part.

Matt: I think I should get awards just for being me. So I failed to notice the requirements for accepting one.

Candy: Are you offering to adopt me? P.S. my mom's nickname is Candi...I don't think it's a coincidence.

C: I wouldn't do that to you. Besides, I didn't have a pic of yours so I had to google one.

Fancy: shouldn't.

Poo: for some reason I don't know very many ppl (except you) who would confuse those things. It's what makes you special.

pistols at dawn said...

I'm okay with being least on that group. Because it means I'm the equivalent of #5, clothes, and women seem to love those things all over them.


~E said...

Pistols: You're a dork. Because only a dork would make that connection. But I still love you.