Monday, April 20, 2009

Interview Meme

Interview Meme

Rules: well obviously you have to answer these questions. Then tag 5 others to do the meme. Simple right? Well get to it then!

1) Everybody has an embarassing quirk or hobby or nervous twitch. What is yours?

I'm a compulsive split-end hunter. This is why I like to keep my hair super long. It's easier to scope out the ends when you can pull them around to see.

2) What is your favorite book? And I don't want to hear "Wuthering Heights" or "the works of William Shakespeare". Really. Honestly. What is your FAVORITE book?

Ok ok you got me. The one book I will never be tired of reading is Heartbreaker by Julie Garwood. Actually, almost anything by Julie Garwood. Damn you for making me tell the truth!

3) Everyone is related to a celebrety. 6 degrees of separation! Who is your famous or faux-mous relation?

First of all it's celebrIty...and who the heck came up with the term faux-mous? Anyway, if we're just going with local celebrities or otherwise well known individuals then I guess I'd go with my aunt. She was a former Miss Washington and finished in the top 5 in that year's Miss America. And no, I don't look anything like her.

4) How did you come up with your Blog name?

My first name starts with the letter E...and it's really hard to pronounce right if you haven't heard it spoken before so I've been going by E for a while. And at the time I was thinking of a blog name, I was reading this book where one of the lines was "and he made waves in the art world, deconstructing all norms and expectations and redefining what it means to be an artist". I guess it spoke to me. Hence E-Deconstructed.

5) What color are you?

I'm kind of a peachy gold color with a bit of very light tan thrown in. Actually I guess since I'm more peach than gold I'd be a goldish peach. Like if French Bread and Whole Wheat Bread got married and had a baby, then you took that baby and cut it in half and spread some honey butter on it...that's what color I am. Trust me on this.

6) Do news anchors on TV wear pants under their desks?

I would like to think they do. Because otherwise...ew!

7) When you are having a particularly crappy day, what song do you turn to on your iPod (or other such music player)?

Depends on why I'm having a crappy day. If I had a bad day at work and having thoughts of going postal on my coworkers: Lay Down by Priestess. If it's a guy issue: Fighter by Christina Aguilera, I shoulda been more like that by Miranda Lambert. etc etc. too lazy to go thru my playlist right now.

8) Guy question: When men go pee at a crowded urinal and accidentally see their neighbors junk, what do you think goes thru their minds?

Well, if I was a guy I'd probably compare and contrast. Then have myself a hearty guffaw because I'd surely be better endowed than the next guy (hey, it's my imagination!). Then I'd promptly erase all traces of the guy's private bits from my memory and forget it ever happened.

9) Girl question: Why is a AA bra cup size smaller than an A, but a DD is bigger than a D?

Uhm...well...ahhh... Crap. I have no idea!

10) What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Since you didn't specify what came first the chicken or the chicken egg...then Ill say the egg. This is me being incorrigible. You're welcome.


Girl Interrupted said...

Haha @ #8 :P You totally nailed that one

Scope said...

This comment has nothing to do with the memem. Just wanted to thank you for your kinds thougths and words you've been saying about my visit out to your 'hood this past weekend.

If your ears were burning off and on, there is a reason. You did come up in conversation a few times. :-) All good. Naturally.

Maybe next time I'm out visiting Cora (there will be a next time and time after that, and so one) the three of us can have lunch or something.

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

GOod ones.

And you know what? I never ever questioned the bra cup size thing, but now it's going to bug me forever and ever.

Peggy said...

I really liked your answer to the chicken/egg conundrum! Totally stealing it!

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

The egg had to come first.

If you really want to piss my mom off (which you should, because it's good fun), just say the egg, and when she answers why, point out to her that the chicken evolved from whatever laid the egg.

Comedy is sure to ensue.

SkylersDad said...

I know the answer to #6! I have a couple of friends who are local anchors, and if they don't have a shot where they will be standing up so you can see them, lots of the time they wear shorts because it is so hot under the lights.

~E said...

Girl I: I totally had to think long and hard to answer that question. Get it? Long and Hard?? HAHAHAH...I kill me.

Scope: please lets! If you think cora's tiny, she's a good 3 inches taller than I am! That way I can get the good kissy videos and holdy hand pics to sell...I mean show on the internet.

Mary: I know right?? It's bugging the crap out of me...I can't sleep at night for thinking about it now.

Peggy: You're sure to properly credit me for thinking of that completely unique answer LOL

Mjenks: And your mom's email would be what? Always looking for good blog ideas and you had me with comedy will ensue.

SkylersDad: Phew. As long as they something on...

Scope said...

#8 is a trick question. You cannot see it on accident. Either you looked, or it was shown to you. But either way, your brain should automatically pixelate or erase.

#9? There's something smaller than an A cup? That's tragic information I never needed to have.

Chris said...

Which came first the chicken or the egg? What does it matter, they are both selfish lovers....(ha ha ha ha)

Felisa said...

You'll love my hair right now... I really need a trim.
AND you're the color of the baby of a french bread and whole wheat bread? Haha Oh my gosh! Me too!
And as for the egg and chicken thing...

sid said...

I'm a big Christina fan. So stealing this meme. Just coz I have nothing better to talk about.

Amanda said...

I know the answer to the bra question. AA and DD aren't designations, they're abbreviations, well at least the first letters are. The A stands for almost, therefore Almost A. And the D stands for double, therefor Double D.

You're welcome.

~E said...

Amanda: Thank You!! that was really starting to bug me.