Sunday, April 19, 2009

A little bit of this, and a little bit of that.

1) I've decided that rather than posting a bunch of makeup videos on this blog, that I'd just go ahead and start a new one to save all of you (and by all of you, I mean the men) the hassle of having to skip my blog when you see a vid posted. You're welcome. To the rest of you, here is the new link:

TexiLexi78, if you are reading this, the tutorial you requested for your super hot date this weekend has already been posted! :) Tell your friends...tell your enemies...Enjoy the video.

2) I've noticed some new commenters on my blog and if this applies to you, won't you please hit that little "follow" button on the side there so I know who you are?!?! Thanks a bunch.

3) Shout out to Candy's Daily Dandy and to That Blue Yak! Go read their blogs. Good as gold they both are!

4) Lastly, an update to my last post. I saw the dog again today. And this time I followed it. Yes, I FOLLOWED it, from a discrete and safe distance. And I followed it straight to its home which...get this...turns out to be my next door-ish neighbors. Yeah. Kind of anti-climactic.

I guess the dog is old but friendly and quiet and it has made friends with some of the kids and people around the neighborhood. So every few days or so the owners let it out and it goes for a walk and visit! And it always comes back home after a few hours. His name is Piko and I asked my neighbors if they mind me coming around and playing with him once in a while and they said that after a couple visits, more than likely Piko will come barking at my door on his weekly rounds to say HI! Sweet!!!!


sid said...

OMW. I love dogs/puppies. And you've just made me think of something. My neighbour has a new dog. I wonder if they'll let me walk their dog for them.

Girl Interrupted said...

Awww! Yay! I knew he was friendly and NOT a face chewer!!! :D

The Unbearable Banishment said...

I hate to be a wet rag but I'm not sure it's very responsible for a owner to let a dog wander around unleashed whenever he wants. Do you live in a high-traffic area? Hope not.

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

That's adorable. We had a couple of dogs like that in our neighbourhood when I was growing up. Loved them.

~E said...

Sid: ASK!!! Hope they do...puppies=love

Girl: So glad he wasnt either. I like my face.

UB: nope...I live in a "gated" community with no gates (too pretentious) but it's very quiet and apparently even the security people who ride around here know the dog and play with it and feed it :)

Mary: already had my first visit and it was awesome. He smells like baby powder all the time. Don't rightly know why.

Chris said...

OMG that is TOTALLY Sofa. She lives up at the horse farm at the top of the hill. She leaves the farm and comes to see us several times a week to visit. She eats, gets attention, hangs out until her owner comes to pick her up. She used to leave on her own in the morning but she's gotten older and can't or won't make it back up the hill to the farm.

They have 4 or 5 other dogs up there and I think she just comes here to "be THE dog instead of one of the dogs". She rocks;)

words...words...words... said...

While I suspect that in the long term that dog's freedom is going to have a bad ending, reading that was completely adorable in the present.

Dr Zibbs said...

Thanks E!

LegalMist said...

I took a break to do taxes and catch up on some other things, and lo and behold when I come back, you're back too! Woo hoo! And with fun stories to share, too. Had fun scrolling down through the "backlog" since I've been away.

Love the tat -- a good design, definitely well thought out!

And with a new design- you really are motivated.

I love the new photos!

... but... and I don't want to sound picky or mean or anything ... but I find the white text on black background much harder to read. Just my humble opinion.

It does look nice, though, so if you are loving it, don't change it on my account. But if you were unsure and/or wavering about the color scheme, then my vote would be with changing it just so it's a little easier on my pathetic eyes.

Either way, welcome back!

~E said...

LegalMist: Welcome back! I was just at your blog leaving my snarky comments...and check out the new colors. I aim to please! :)