Friday, May 15, 2009

"I'm totally blingin today and you hate it!"

Ok so backstory: I have a a thing about watching makeup tutorials on YouTube and have a subscription to the YouTube channel of my favorite drag queen/makeup artiste extraordinaire Petrilude...

(his real name is Josh...)

(I know, kinda anticlimactic right?)

Anyway, Josh hosted a contest a while back asking his readers to create a look based on a picture of a sunset off Waikiki Beach. Total girlyness, but whatever...I'm a girl. Deal with it. His friend Nick (dressed as alter-ego Keisha) entered a faux contest entry and posted it. You can skip all the makeup parts and just watch the first minute...and the last 25 seconds.

Though I don't know why you would...any guy who can sport a wig and beard and limited makeup items and still look that damn good deserves to be fawned over.

I like to think he raided his sister's or girlfriend's makeup bag to do this...more on that later.

Hilarity will ensue. I guarantee it!

And here's another video from his channel. Just to show he isn't all about the girly boy makeup tutorials.

I swear I love those two guys. Never fails to make me snot-out-the-nostril laugh so hard! If they weren't both gay (one definitely...the other one maybe but I hope not) I'd marry them both in a heart beat.

Except then I'd be a polygamist and ~E don't swing that way.

And also I'd be scared they'd both be prettier than me, and ~E don't swing that way either.

K...I totally snuck that last vid of me in there (better lit one available if you clicky the linky down below)...but I think everyone deserves to know how to properly treat any nasty facial activities that may pop up from time to time. And I know I promised never to post makeup vids here again. In my defense that was NOT a makeup vid. It was a public service announcement.

So sue me.

(actually please don't. I'm poor. However, I'm not against anyone pimping me out to their friends)

(By ME I mean my other blog)



Cora said...

Okay, that first guy is hilarious! Hee hee hee.

Cora said...

My wv: "licki"

I think your blog is flirting with me.

And I like it!


Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

Thank you for the educational video on putting eye make-up on properly. I've needed just such a thing because my eyes are lopsided and just never look like anything much. I can't wait to try all these tricks!! I just hope I can get rid of my five o'clock shadow like he did!! :o)

Chris said...

Can I have a ride? [brandishing knife]

Bigamist, shmigapist....I love my wives.

Felisa said...

I have a zit on my chin. I'll have to try that.

That dude has amazing make up skills. I think he's better than me!

J.J. in L.A. said...

Jeez, if it takes 4 minutes (sped up) for the 1st guy to do his makeup, imagine how long it took in RL!!! If I don't look good after 15 minutes, I give up.