Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another Post?!?!?!? WHAAAA???

And this one's a VLOG! Schweet!

Im feeling positively chatty lately I guess...

I got off early from work today so I could go to a workout appointment with a buddy of mine (who is also my personal trainer) and he calls me up 5 minutes before we were to meet telling me he was stuck in traffic and to hang out till he's closer to the gym. THEN he calls me up 45 minutes later telling me that he lied to me before...he wasn't in traffic but in fact being a lazy bum at his house...but that he really is in traffic now.


So I read blogs and recorded a video while I waited for him to haul himself to the gym.


P.S. this is me PRE workout. If you think this is scary wait till you see me POST workout. Not only do I look like the dead, but Im pretty sure I smell like it too.

P.P.S Beware the rambling woman...


J.J. in L.A. said...

Your namesake is 63 miles from where my cousin lives. Were you conceived there or something? ; )

I have 46 aunts/uncles and exactly 100 first cousins - although I only know a handful of birthdays. just gave me an idea for my Photo Friday. : )

Scope said...

Random responses to randomness:

Of your 4 shows, the only one I don't watch is "Bizzare Foods". Love the other ones.

Perez Hilton? The "dude" who got punched in the face by a Pea? Has a perfume?

Freckles? So what you're saying is that you're even HOTTER in real life? Weird.

I have 6 first cousins. I have no idea when any of their birthdays are.

Scope said...

Oh, and I just emailed you today's blog post.

You may find it informative.

And good luck avoid gym disasters.

The Unbearable Banishment said...

Don’t mind me. I’m putting on my judgment cap this morning.

Are you paying this “personal trainer!?” If so, I would fire his ass immediately. Even as a friend, it’s disrespectful. Don’t get me started on the psychology of making someone wait.

SkylersDad said...

Good to see you again! Your friend is very rude, people who are late are the bain of my existence!

Cora said...

Ooh! I have freckles too. Of course. Redhead and all. Duh.

I don't usually remember my dreams, but when I do, they are SPECTACULARLY ENTERTAINING. I wish I could remember more of them. Maybe I should start a dream journal....

Btw, you're so relaxed and natural on camera. I wish I was more like that. I'm fine if it's a moment of real life being taped (like me and Scope at the zoo) but if I have to look at the camera and actually *gasp* talk directly to it, I freeze right up. Grrr.

Cora said...

Oh good lord, I just read Scope's comment and I knew what he just sent you. *rolling eyes*

Btw, it's boobie day here in blog world apparently. Candy, Scope and I all did boobie posts completely unplanned! *snicker*

~E said...

Scope: check out my newest post. It wasn't you googling that was it?

UB: nope, not paying him. He's a friend first and we are work out buddies. He just happens to be a trainer too.

Skyler's Dad: Good to be back! Kinda.

Cora: I just pretend Im talking to one of you guys. Im good at pretending.

Chris said...

I keep three journals too. One is my "everyday" journal in which I write about life, thoughts, whatever. Then I have one specific for my cooking (what worked, what didn't, what I learned, what to try different). Finally I have one for martial arts for recording jiu-jitsu moves to practice later.

Part French huh? Alexis' father did a DNA mapping deal and found they are part Inuit last year. I've had fun tormenting her with Eskimo jokes since then;)