Monday, August 31, 2009

Travelog: Oregon Coast 2009


Scope said...

I think you got both the hootch and the freshie freshie.

I was a little worried about you and your family taking a road trip on the Oregon Trail. I'm glad all your oxen made it, and no one died of dysentery.

And if you stayed on the ground, who took the pictures of the family climbing the stairwell at the lighthouse? (Comment to show I was paying attention.)

SkylersDad said...

Love the dance to open it all, and The Man Store! Bwaaa ha ha, I knew there was going to be a comment there!

J.J. in L.A. said...

J.J.'s comment (part 1): I love the Oregon coast, it's soooo pretty! And where were those waves (at the end) shot? I'd love to see them.

I'll be back in about 7 minutes...

J.J. in L.A. said...

J.J.'s comment (part 2): Let me get this're so afraid of heights that you wouldn't even go near the edge (at the beach) even though there was a chainlink fence, but there are at least 2 pics of people below you (I'm assuming) on a staircase? ; )

Chris said...

First of all, if you don't have the coolest, cutest family of all, then I don't know who does! Alexis said she just wanted to hug you all.

Ok here we go:

Your brother's dancing before the trip had us cracking up. Loved the bang bang and reel 'em it moves.

Ow shiat! I just got hit by a paper plane thrown off a tall structure....I need to sue someone.

"Never fall asleep in front of me with a camera" yeah, that's what Alexis said on our honeymoon. I was TIRED! ;)

Ice cream straight from the cow? Damn, I can only imagine how hard those udders must have been!

Telling your grandma to wave, "it's video" had us laughing as she posed so rigid.

5:44 into the second video: refraining from any beaver jokes.

The shots of the "kids" in the lighthouse are classic. Great photographs.

Your parents hugging in front of the lighthouse? FREAKING "AWWWWWWWWWWWWW-some".

You are blessed, E. You really are. The best part is that I know you know that!

(Of course, you know that I know you know that.)

~E said...

Scope: yeah, the buffalo we shot somewhere around mississippi definitely waved off the hunger for ma, pa and the babies... And I think my brother handed his camera off to someone at some point during the climb. Either that or he is just a very talented photographer

Skyler's Dad: Ya know...I went in to the store to pick out a man of my very own but all they had was beer helmets and pens with floating naked women in it! *Fail*

J.J: I don't know exactly where they were but I know they were about 15 minutes north of Newport along HWY 101. And I know Im super weird about I can look out of an airplane window and be fine..I can even climb stairs from that same edge up and down to the beach below but looking down from the edge just gives me the willies!

Chris: Sue my brothers...they threw the plane not me. And by the way that mammal at 5:44 was a SEA OTTER! psshh... I know Im blessed ;) and I know that you know I know that you know that I know that you know that...ummm. Wait, what was I saying?

NMOS said...

Nice photos & vids. I'm glad you had a great time with the family. :)

Cora said...

Cool, ~E, I needed this today. I feel like I just went on vacation myself now. *happy sigh* :-)