Sunday, September 6, 2009

20 Questions Tag (Raw and Almost Completely UNEDITED)

Why is it raw? Because I filmed it on the fly, unprepared...just as something to do.

Why is it almost completely unedited? My movie editing software apparently got corrupted during editing and some of the nifty functions like fading and adding titles are all messed up and funkified... I did manage to cut pieces in the first 5 minutes before it finally gave up completely. I have to figure out how to fix it. Oh well... Sorry for the messy editing and the long long length in advance!

20 Questions:
1) What can you not leave the house without?
2) Favorite brand of makeup
3) Favorite flower
4) Favorite clothing store
5) Favorite perfume
6) Heels or Flats
7) What were your grades like in school?
8) Do you drink energy drinks?
9) Do you like swimming?
10) Do you like juice?
11) Do you eat french fries with a fork?
12) Favorite moisturizer
13) Will you get married or are you?
14) How old are you?
15) Are you into ghost hunting?
16) Any phobias?
17) Do you bite your nails?
18) Do you drink coffee?
19) Describe an animal that describes your soulmate
20) Last concert that you attended?

...what the hell?? I didn't even realize there were more than 20 questions!!! What a rip off!!

21) Next concert you will attend?
22) Random thing on your desk wonder this video took so long!

23) Favorite movies
24) Book you're currently reading
25) Favorite lipsticks time I'm gonna count and prepare my answers before I start filming dangit!

26) Favorite piece of art in your room
27) Favorite jewelry
28) Favorite YouTube channels and/or Videos

...and it had the nerve to end on a random number...GEEZ! :(

I tag: Cora and Scope (aka CoraScope), Skyler's Dad, Nerick and all my lovely YouTube subbies and Blogger Buddies (mwahahahah...see what I did there? Sneaky sneaky!)

Post your response to this one as a video response or link to your blog in my comments cuz I wanna see your videos and read your answers!


Cora said...

HAHAHA! Unicorn! That slayed me!

I'll tackle this (and the two other memes I've been callously ignoring - *guilt*) soon.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

I've mysteriously lost the audio on my laptop.

I'll be back to check this puppy out!! Looks like fun.

J.J. in L.A. said...

Dear Miss ~E,

I have to be excused from the class assignment because the dog ate my...uh, I mean I don't have a webcam (thanking the powers that be that the one I had broke).

Or...can I do it on paper, I mean screen? My dog (if I had one) wouldn't be able to reach that high, darn it!


The Slacker

Scope said...

I'll take the challenge, since about half of these are makeup related, I can stomp thru those pretty darn fast.

NMOS said...

Hey. Thanks for the tag. I went ahead and posted my answers over on my blog. :)

Chris said...

10) You're antisemitic? Well you did say depending on the Jews. Oh? Juice? sorry.

15) What kind of gun does one take for ghost hunting?

Unicorns do TOO exist! Liar liar liar! "Not listening to E - la la la la"

Scope said...

I finally got around to doing this meme. Sorry, could video it. Too lazy.