Saturday, September 5, 2009

and "Football Related Post" season is now underway...

As some of you can probably tell by the recent influx of blog posts/blog comments on your lovely little spaces...I'm back! :)

Due to being unemployed (kinda) I find myself with a hefty amount of time on my hands and decided to use the aforementioned time to do some very constructive things like:

-Read and comment on blogs (and yes people, I read everyone's blogs a couple days least the most recent or two posts...I just didn't feel my wit-factor was up to par yet to leave comments on everyone's posts. But give me time...)

-Stare off into space and/or try to find pictures and shapes in my bedroom carpet.

-Bug the little bro-han into going to the gym with me. And if the bugging doesn't work, pretend to be a good sister and pick him up from school in the guise of driving him home but instead kidnap him and surprise him with a field the gym.

-Text message the premier bro-han 20 times randomly per day. "whatcha doin?"..."whatcha doin now?"..."how bout now?" until he threatens to fly back to Seattle just to chuck my cellphone into the nearest lake at which point I heartily text him back "I WUV U! *smooch*"

-Videotape...or I guess Video-memorycard myself doing all sorts of fun and wicked things like "talk" and "put makeup on" and "go on vacation" and then post these naughty vids on YouTube.

-Put myself on a 30 day workout and diet program (again) so I can lose the 10 pounds I put on in the last 3 months (again) and promptly want to kill myself when my mother bakes triple chocolate brownies (with walnuts) the first day and I had to eat grapes instead.

-and last but not least... get ready for FOOTBALL SEASON and FANTASY FOOTBALL! Woohoo! the way, this is the section of this post where people who don't give a rat's ass about football can go ahead and leave a comment and be on your way...

NOW then,

My league draft was a couple weeks ago and tonight I finished trading out players and picking up free agents and the like in preparation for the regular season which starts next week. Thursday is Kick-Off and I've got my beer helmet, officially licensed football jerseys, and mondo-bag-o-nuts and chips all set and ready to go.

Red (from Words Words Words) has been kind enough to "try" and "help" me with my draft this year and I now proudly show you my haul...uhm...I mean my team. Keep in mind (no, really! keep this in mind when leaving your comments about how I should have picked up so and so and why the hell don't I trade this dude for that one) that my draft was automated and I've been tweaking it around the last few days. I think I made off pretty well don't you?


My starters for next week's games:

QB: E. Manning
RB: M. Barber and F. Jones
WR: N. Burleson, S. Moss, C. Ochocinco
TE: T. Gonzales
K: N. Rackers
DST: NY Giants

QB: M. Hasselback
RB: E. James and L. Washington
WR: M. Muhammad
TE: M. Lewis

P.S. to all the nay-sayers out there who told me the Seahawks are gonna choke again this year, might I point out that they had an undefeated pre-season? And yes, I know the pre-season doesn't really count but give a girl a break to dote on her favorite team um-kay?!?!



Cora said...

Baking brownies when someone is on a diet is hitting below the belt, ~E. In fact, I'm pretty sure that is how most wars get started. I'd be most pissed if I were you.

SkylersDad said...

Good for you on hitting the gym, that is my form of stress relief.

Chris said...

I was lazy so I just drafted Detroit Lions players for my entire team. Is that a bad thing? ;)

words...words...words... said...

You should immediately demote Eli Manning and put Hasselbeck in your starting lineup.

Godspeed, little E. I think it might be a long season for you ;)

The Unbearable Banishment said...

Manning as QB?! Giants as DST?! You CAN'T go wrong! Atta girl.

~E said...

Cora: Oh trust me...I most certainly was!

SkyDad: Me too! Wanna go on a surprise field trip with me some time??? ;)

Chris: No, not at all! Im sure the fact they went 0-16 last season was a fluke! ;)

Words: Maybe, maybe...Ill probably obsess about my lineup before Tuesday's lock and see if I wanna switch some people around.

UB: *wink*

The Kid In The Front Row said...

This would be a lot more fun if it was real FOOTBALL. A.K.A. SOCCER!! Can't be the beautiful game of English football!

~E said...

Kid: You know, my brother played Soccer...I'm sorry FOOTBALL ;) for years and I used to go to his games to watch him. Sadly, it never stuck with me. I do think David Beckham is hot. And I saw the New Zealand Team win some sort of Cup last year...Does that up my cool factor for you? No? :(

The Kid In The Front Row said...

well at least you tried ;) hehe

Sid said...

Your mom sounds awesome. I love it when mom's bake cookies ...