Monday, October 5, 2009


I'm 4-0! I mean GOSH, I'm like the New York Giants of my league! (and yes Unbearable Banishment, I likened myself to that particular team for you...). Keep in mind that 5 out of my 14 players are injured including both my Quarterbacks and both starting RunningBacks. PLUS, my starting Tight End and my only Kicker are both on their bye weeks!

Yessiree...I think I'm just damn lucky. DAMN LUCKY!!! I should really consider going down to Vegas or buying me a scratch ticket.

Ok, everyone...let's all do a mini jig in celebration! Turn up the volume and dance with me!


Chemgeek said...

Screw you. I'm 0-4 and it sucks. People like you are walking all over me and it hurts. It really hurts.... :(

The Unbearable Banishment said...

No WAY! That's fantastic! And you're late to the game. Just think, if you had started studying the NFL 10 years ago when you were a mere child, you'd probably have followed an entirely different career path.

NMOS said...

Wow, you are killing your league-mates! Sweet! I'm glad you're having fun in the process. :)

Chris said...

For I second I thought you were giving us your height (4'0")!

(ha ha ha quit throwing shit at me, it was a joke)

Re: Banishment's comment - I could totally see you as an ESPN reporter, seriously.

Cora said...

And you haven't yet bought a lottery ticket why?!?! C'mon, girl, go for it! You've got sheer blinding luck shooting out your ass!