Sunday, November 1, 2009

I had a dream...

Sorry for the video quality guys...I'm trying out a new webcam and I tried to edit it using the included software and the quality was even worse. I'll keep messing with the settings and see if it's a viable way to record my vids from now on, otherwise I'll just go back to the good ole' digicam.

However, I was too lazy to rerecord this topic so bear with me? It's about a dream I had and was wondering if you awesome people could help me analyze it. Or you can watch it, realize how freaking psycho I must be to be having such random dreams and then promptly unfollow me...

Either way, watch the vid??


(Inspired by: Sawdust and Cowpies)




Scope said...

First things first. With the choppiness (frame rate) on that webcam totally making your words and mouth out of sync, I kept waiting for you to shout, "Oh no! Godzilla!" or "You Kung Fu does not scare me!" or some other trite phrase from my badly dubbed Asian movie youth.

As for your dream: Asian school girls. Your big hole make you feel dirty. Busted cherries. Big "hills" affected by gravity. Obviously, you're a very sexual person. (I took the Cowguy Correspondence Dream Analysis Course.)

SkylersDad said...

I'm with Scope on the video choppiness. You really need to record yourself saying "You Asian school girls laughed at me! Now I shall dirty your uniforms!!"

Just for us to laugh at of course.

Chris said...

I once read Jung's "Man and His Symbols". Your one twisted $*#(, E. (Just kidding :) )

So Asians aren't affected by gravity? That's great news for your boobs in 25 years. Who knew?

But yeah, Like Scope said, lots of sexual images in there, I kept waiting for ice cream cone, microphone, and Eiffel Tower references;)

My dream confession: Earlier this year, I had a sex dream about a woman at work who is a) not attractive, b) not my type, and c) a miserable person who 3 different people have told me "I don't think she likes me". Alexis laughed her ass off at me when I told her about the dream and I just felt like I needed a shower to wash the "eeeeeewwww" off of me.

Ever since then, when I see her at the office, I just shake my head and chalk it up to the near fatal head injury and subsequent brain surgery I had in 1991. They must have rewired SOMETHING wrong up there :)

Dr Zibbs said...

Thanks for sharing your boobs in exchange for money being donated to that boob organization.


Cora said...

Scope stole what I was gonna say - with all the muffins and cherries and holes and hills, I think Cowguy would say you're a very sexual person.