Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kids these days...

Today's happy comes from one B*ll*v*e High School graduate who shall remain nameless. Partly because I don't want to embarass them any more than necessary and partly because I don't know who they are...let me explain.

On the way to work this morning I happened to be driving behind a black brand spankin new BMW with a lovely little bumper sticker on the bottom that said "B*ll*v*e High Graduating Seniors 08". Then as my eye wandered to the back windshield I noticed these words written in glass marker..."SEINOR POWER!!!"


Yes...that's right. SEINOR. *shaking my head* Even sadder than the fact that this high school graduate with the brand new beemer (obviously a graduation gift) cannot spell SENIOR is the fact that they probably don't realize that they misspelled the word and no one has thought to correct them. Now, the reason I didn't include the whole name of the high school (though most of you reading this probably knows which high school it is) is because I'm sure this isn't an isolated incident. I'm sure there are tons of kids out there loose in this world who make or are going to make the same embarassing mistake.

So at work today the football coach of the said high school just happened to come in. I recognized him because he is a former Seahawk and I told him what happened. He laughs and said "that doesn't surprise me...last week someone went around the whole parking lot with shaving cream and wrote 'Senior 07' on all the cars. Kinda makes you wonder at the fate of the planet in another 10 years doesn't it?"

His words, not mine. But it does make you wonder doesn't it? Oh well...I'm kinda hoping that in another 30 years I'll either be too old and senile to care that the world is going to heck or I'll be dead and rotted. I'll take either one.

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