Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Oh no She DIDNT!!!

I know this is gonna sound kinda petty...especially when I should be very happy for her. But sometimes girls just have to be girls and today is my day.

A few months ago my friend Gigi emails me because she was looking thru wedding dresses and she found one that she liked. But she thought it looked familiar so she emailed it to me and asked if it was the dress I picked out in high school and I said yes it is. Good friend that she is, she didn't want to wear it even though she liked it because I had it picked out first. See, the thing with most girls is; we, since we knew what weddings were and saw our first princess movie, have always had a perfect picture of the perfect wedding in our heads. Complete with "prince charming" and the cake and the party, the ring, and THE perfect wedding dress. I told her she can wear it if she wants because I changed my mind and now had a different dress in mind. That whole conversation sparked a blog (on a website that I have since deleted) where I posted the pic of my new dress and a friend of mine...we will call her "H"...saw it and said "oh how cute...you would look really good in that dress".

Fast forward 6 months and "H" tells me she and her boyfriend have gotten engaged, she would like me to be a bridesmaid for their wedding next June, and what do I think about the dress that she had picked out.


The dress she had picked out was MY dress, so of course I liked it....ON ME! I know the guys out there are thinking "so what, why can't you wear the dress anyway?" BECAUSE!!! Its not the dress! Ok, I lie, it is partly the dress...and partly the fact that she knew it was the dress I picked out and is gonna wear it anyway. I can't very well say "no, don't wear the dress to your wedding because I might wear the dress when and if I ever get married". It sounds petty and small I know, but as off this time last year I thought my perfect wedding was in the horizon. I had the perfect guy who even had a uniform like "prince charming", I had the engagement ring picked out and sized. Now, no guy, no ring, and apparently now I can't even wear my dress.


I just hit SEND to my reply to her "of course Ill be your bridesmaid, Im so happy for you and you will look gorgeous in the dress"...

Im going to bed...

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