Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Submitted for your contemplation...

1. What does it mean if you ask a guy "if I told you tomorrow that I had a new boyfriend and I had to stop seeing you...would you be upset?" and his answer was "why would you have to stop seeing me?"

2. Should you risk what could be a great relationship with guy X, because you're in love with guy Y even if you're not sure if he will ever feel the same about you? Would you risk everything for the sake of love?

3. What is love anyway? And what defines a great relationship nowadays? Is faithfullness even a trait you should look for anymore?

4. Why do girls always want the bad boys?

5. It's easy to forgive, but how do you forget? Is it possible to trust someone again if they have hurt you so much in the past? What if you don't know if they deserve or even desire your trust again...should you work hard to give it anyway?

6. How can you tell if someone is just using you because they know you're in love with them? How can you tell that someone isn't using you but really does care for you and love you, just not in the way you want them to?

7. If someone loves you but not the way you need them to, how do you deal with it and move on? Can you really move on knowing you're leaving a big piece of your heart behind...or will all future relationships just not be as satisfying?

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