Monday, August 25, 2008

Love is in the air...PTII

Rena's wedding was this last Saturday. I'm not ashamed to say that I'm mildly relieved that the slew of bachelorettes and showers and weddings are finally done. At least until April for me. Anyway, after Jessica's wedding last week and Rena's wedding this week I am more amazed now than ever how 7 completely different girls who got shoved into one dorm room get along so well. Apparently opposites do attract sometimes :)

Jessi's wedding was so her, down to the colors of the bridesmaid dresses to the speed of the ceremony. Casual and elegant at the same time. Quick and outdoors. Informal but fun. Rena's was very traditional and sophisticated and planned to the littlest detail. Both were heartwarming and touching. I, along with Kate was very happy at the amount of cluster pics at Rena's slideshow. Gave me the warm and fuzzys to see pictures of us from college and beyond. At the church, I felt a little tear catch in my eye as I saw Rena walk down the aisle, absolutely gorgeous in her dress and looking so happy. The food was great and the venue despite the amount of guests was very intimate. The traditional korean ceremony that was performed during the reception was so very sweet (and rather perplexing to a non-korean but I did get a friend of mine to explain what was happening after the fact) and it was insane to see Rena dressed in traditional Korean wedding garb. Jess and I became very familiar with the bartenders in the 4 hours we were there hahaha. Oh, how I've missed her.
Though I'm sad to say goodbye to another Cluster Chica I'm glad that the brood of 7 is growing with the addition of new menfolk. First was Jeff (Jessica's husband)...then came Mark (Rena's husband) April there is Kyle (Lindsey's fiance). As for the long term significant others: Don (Gigi's boyfriend) and Jason (Angela's boyfriend) are already common faces at cluster events. Kate and I are left hahaha...but in my situation at least I am not in any rush. I haven't been single since I was 18 and I am enjoying not having to answer to anyone else but myself for once.

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