Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hold on to those barf bags...this is gonna be a long one!

For some reason, everything worth blogging about all decided to hit me at once. Not only did I decide to do a weekly themed update blog and have been hoarding all my blog ideas just for this day alone, but a lot of other random blogworthy topics decided to rear their ugly faces (thus saving me from having to manufacture, or *gasp* recycle old ideas to fill up some blog that no one reads anyway).

Anyhoo...if you all are seated and comfortable with beverages and food, let's get started:

~The whole reason I was going to put up a blog today is to start off my NEW MUSIC WEDNESDAYS! Here's the first one...and by the way, I don't care if you've heard it before! It's all new to me!

Lady GaGa -- Poker Face

~Le premier Bro-han called with new tat ideas for my third tattoo. That's right, I've got a couple but really...nowadays who doesn't? You dissaprove? Well look closely, this is the face of someone who doesn't care! Once he finalizes the design I'll post them on here. In fact, how about I get all your inputs about where I should put it! Any input will be welcome (read: lame attempt at increasing the amount of blog comments).

~Guess who is the newest contributor over at a new blog? Well, actually since it's a new blog technically everyone is a new contributor. My buddy Mr. Anderson over at Life on the Crawl set up a new blog called Favorite Eats. It's all about tried and true recipes guaranteed not to kill you or send you conversing with ye olde toilet Gods. Should be pretty interesting since it comes at a time when I'm facing my fear of the cooking demons and channeling my inner Julia Child (except I'm asian...and not old or 6ft. I guess not really Julia Child. More like a non annoying Rachel Ray).

~So as all of you know I'm boring and have no life so I augment my daily humdrum life by following a bunch of blogs. There were a couple really funny posts today so I'm gonna go ahead and pimp them out. If you read their blogs make sure you tell them who sent you. I'm kinda hoping if I send enough people their way, I'll win a prize! :)

Your Beard is Good: Hate is a Strong Word but I really really really don't like you!
Some Guy's Blog: Just call him "Poo Pants"
Lots Better than Your Blog: Anything from this chic is golden. Purely hysterical!

~I've decided to finally use my iPod after receiving it as a gift some 7 months ago. Yeah, ludicrous how I'm just now getting addicted to it huh? But in my defense (just so you don't think I'm some lousy luddite) I did have one of the first iPod mini's all throughout college but I got so sick and tired of trying to navigate the damn iTunes that I gave it up. Anyway, if any of you have any suggestions for songs to download or podcasts to subscribe to then please feel free to swamp my comment inbox...remember, I have no life so here I sit...patiently waiting...

~So I got a call from HIM last night. Nice to catch up. Really. Maybe later I'll write a big post about it complete with feelings and emotions and all those stupid girly things that stupid girls want to talk about but for now I'll just leave it at that. Oh, I did want to say that the contract I made about waiting two days before saying stuff that's on my mind? Definitely saving my ass and my sanity.

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