Sunday, November 30, 2008


..Is officially done for me. And thank Gosh too!

One more day and I might have flipped out and gone postal on everyone in my immediate vicinity. And trust me, nobody...NOBODY likes a cranky E!!!

So I'm taking a much needed break. Both from posting and reading my blogroll. To get some sleep finally! Although I do already have a post in mind for when I come back. Or rather I'll write it up now and save it for a rainy day.

Hope you guys enjoyed 30 days of E. Cherish the memories because it ain't gonna happen again. So ta ta for now loved ones!


words words words said...

You really kicked it out in the last few days, too. I just had five entries of yours to read!

It would take me five months to do enough posts for NABLOPOMO. So congrats!

Felisa said...

Thank effin' goodness... because if I had to spell Nablopomo (which I had to, yet again, retype 3 times), I was gonna go crazy! Congratulations to you! :D

Anonymous said...

*if I had to spell nablopomo a few more times.