Thursday, November 20, 2008

The one and only time (so far) that I am not a fan of the makeup...

I just finished watching Hellboy II: Rise of the Golden Army. And I was curious (as I usually am) about who played who under all that makeup. Did you know that Seth McFarlane was the voice of the German vapor doctor dude??? I knew I heard Stewie and Brian somewhere under the smoke.

But I digress.

My main point in this blog is this:

This guy is Prince Nauda...he was a bad guy...and I looked him up to see who played him....

And I came up with this:

This is Luke Goss... That's right ladies.



In case you missed my point again. Here is Mr. Goss when he played another bad guy in another movie. This time it was Blade I (or II or III I can't remember).

And again sans makeup and creepy contacts and weird denture teeth things.

Now I ask you...WHY oh WHY would you cover all that gorgeous man-prettiness under pounds of makeup and prosthetics? I can understand why you would do it to Ron Perlman but him??? REALLY???

That is all.


pistols at dawn said...

I'm pretty sure I'm still into chicks, but that is indeed a good looking man. He must be a really terrible actor if he can't get non-freakface roles.

Or maybe he's really deep and dedicated to his craft and doesn't want to rely on looks alone.

Ha ha ha ha! Actors being deep.

~E said...

Or maybe...maybe he was never cast as the lead for one reason or another and who really wants a bad guy (or supporting good guy) to look better than the leading man?!?!

Damn Hollywood!