Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Second Guest Blog

My next guest blog is courtesy of NMos at iNerick. I should really do this more often. Give guests opportunity to post blogs that they normally wouldn't post on their own pages for one reason or another.

If anyone has a guest blog they would like to post on my page let me know. And "Words", you are super welcome to come guest blog again when you want to! =)


I've never been asked to do a guest blog (I'm not really a blogger to begin with), but there's always the first for everything. I was consolidating files on my PDA and came across a file that I vaguely remembered, called "NMOS Words". Anybody remember from SNL those words called "sniglets"? Basically, they're made-up words that aren't in the dictionary but should be. Anyway, I came up with a few of my own words a while back. Here are a couple of them:

1) splashlings= drops of water that accumulate around the edges of sinks after using the faucet.

2) terrorsibs= passengers terrified of a relative's erratic driving but can't say anything because they don't want to hurt their feelings

3) egostein= a person who thinks they're better than everyone else even if they themselves live a crappy life

4) cheddardue= the remaining layer of cheddar that remains on your fingertips after eating a bag of cheesy potato chips like Cheetos

5) entreelate= an entree that was just put out on the buffet line which you were waiting for but decided to eat something else because you couldn't wait and now you're too full to try it.

6) papripp= the result of toilet paper ripped or torn anywhere but along the perforated line

7) uhubba= someone who agrees with whatever someone else says even though they don't know what the hell that person is talking about

8) decrauto= when traffic slows down just to see some dumbass getting a traffic ticket on the side of the road

9) cuisinhate= telling someone you like their food just to be nice, even though it tastes like shit

10) nachwad= when your nachos clump together and you can't get them apart

11) blinkeriac= a dumbass who forgets his/her turn signal is on, which forces people to slow down thinking he/she is signaling an intent to turn

12) slideroo= when all the contents of a sandwich slides to the outside instead of staying in the middle

13) towndo= a townhouse-style condo (I made that up when I bought my condo).

Anyway, the list is constantly growing. I've been trying to not forget to bring my PDA (I usually live by it on a daily basis) everytime I head out the door, so that I can jot down any crazy "NMOS words" that pop into my head. Anybody have any other good ones?

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Felisa said...

Cheddardue and slideroo. I'll have to add those words to my vocabulary :P