Monday, December 15, 2008

How to Make A Cool Looking Snowman!

In celebration of the first snowfall of the year (at least here in Seattle), I hereby share with you the instructions on how to make a snowman that will get all the neighbors gawking and snapping pictures out in your lawn.


Snow (duh)
One blue bucket
2 desk chair wheels (the rolly caster kind)
2 black bottle caps
1 blue bottle cap
1 black rock
1 red chair-shaped foam cellphone holder
2 pairs of gloves
1 hat from a stuffed animal
1 scarf
2 twigs for eyebrows
2 huge branches
2 little branches
and a younger brother to help you haul each piece to its proper place.

Throw it all together, add some pizazz and an overproud sister with a camera and you get:

My brother and his creation, last year after our first snowstorm.
And then the next day, he "borrowed" some snow from the man and added a little something something...he says it's the snowman equivalent of 1)liposuction and 2)giving birth.

My brother is just shy of 6ft. tall so you can imagine how big that thing was to begin with. They were going to make a mommy snowman too but ran out of snow. Now I know it's not all fancy and stuff but keep in mind we lived in a neighborhood full of lazy people and ours was the only snowman in the whole complex. Plus as far as snow storms go, it only dropped 5 inches total so there was not much to work with. I'm glad too because this one took almost 3 weeks to melt and it started to look really pathetic and saggy towards the end (much like humans when they're about to die).


Felisa said...

Hahaha we made a snowman a couple of years ago and it was the ugliest snowman I had ever seen because we had like 2 inches (?) of accumulated snow to work with. It was full of twigs and leaves... and stolen snow from my neighbor's yard. :P

Anyway, that is a cool looking snowman! I hear we're getting more snow on Wednesday so I might try to make a snowman then!

Dr Zibbs said...

I like his long, gorilla-like arms.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

I love that you and your bro made a great snowman and even better memories!

words words words said...

That snowman looks quite shocked to be alive!

Sabrae said...

Man I don't think I have ever built a snowman! :) Your brother did a good job!

~E said...

Felisa: Yeah, I hear ya...Seattle isn't really that condusive to snowman making. We only got that much because we live on top of a mountain and get dumped on more than most...good luck on Wednesday!

Zibbs: Really? I thought they were freaky...

Candy: I would love to take half credit, but it was really my two younger brothers building them. All I did was take the picture :)

WWW: The word you're looking for is HAPPY...not shocked.

Sabrae: Thanks :) We told them so!

That damn expat said...

I want to make a snowman!
I'm pouting here.

Some Guy said...

The baby snowman looks like he's looking for trouble.