Thursday, April 30, 2009

Update: Stupid iPod! and 200th Post

Because everyone was so nice about it, and I couldn't answer all 14 of you at once.


Three hours and 12 minutes later... I finally got all my music, TV shows, Movies, Podcasts back into my iPod.

I'm not even gonna get in to the amount of brain power it took to find all the files (most of them were still in my harddrive) and don't get me started on how many times I had to reauthorize my computer so my iPod can sync because it kept telling me the computer was already authorized you stupid stupid girl!

Ok it didn't actually say "stupid stupid girl" but only because I think it was scared of me. Yeah, that's it.


You know what else? I just realized this is my 200th Post. And it sucks! *sigh* Maybe for my 300th I can come up with something better. But you know...don't hold your breath.

Anyway, for my 200th in celebration for me!

Ready everyone?!?!



YOU! Yes you! *points* You're not allowed to do the wave anymore. EVER!

(p.s. please only watch the first 50 seconds of the video. Do not watch the whole thing...please for the love of God don't watch the whole thing!!!!)


Anonymous said...

WTF is with you posting a video of an epileptic. So not nice!

Happy 200th post!

SkylersDad said...

Happy 200th! It made me laugh as much as all the rest of your good stuff.

Girl Interrupted said...

Hahahaha ...

Sorry! I have issues with doing as I'm told ... I watched the whole thing :P

Ps: Happy 200th! :)

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

Happy 200th, chicky!! I think I'm past my 200th one, and didn't even realize it. I did do a little victory dance for my 166th one, though, or was the 168th? Sheesh...

Fancy Schmancy said...

Happy 200th. You might be too young to recognize it, but this chick obviously swallowed too much acid at a Dead show at one point, and took the happy dancing and spinning to a new level... Thanks for the warning cause I don't really want to hear her speak - her dancing spoke volumes!

Scope said...

Happy 200th, and happier yet that you got the iPod going.

Cora said...

Happy 200th!!!!

And here's a big WHEW on the darn I-pod.

As for that dancing chick.... umm.... wow.... what's she on?

Felisa said...

Happy 200th post!!! My 200th post was anticlimactic too (especially because I totally tried to build it up after my 195th post. Haha) so don't worry about it too much :P

Prunella Jones said...

Happy 200th!

You should shake your ass in a celebratory dance because that's a pretty good accomplishment. Well done!

Chris said...

This reminds me of the Seinfeld episode in which Elaine reveals her dancing abilities:)

HAPPY 200th Post!!!!!!! Woohoooo!

I think I'll take the day off in honor of it.